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SD-160 and SD-170 RF wireless modems from Maxon Australia

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The SD-160 and SD-170 series of RF wireless modems from Maxon Australia utilise an advanced technology in its design and manufacturing process.

Both the UHF and VHF models are Phase Lock Loop Synthesiser (PLL)/microprocessor controlled and offer 2W (SD-160 series) or 1 to 5W (SD-170 series) of power with 16-channel capability.

Multiple functions including 1200 to 9600 baud rates, AC and/or DC audio coupling, GMSK, FFSK and FSK modulation are standard in these fully programmable wide bandwidth RF wireless modem units.

Programmable sub-audio squelch system (CTCSS and DCS) and two-tone squelch system are newly added to the signal level detect squelch system (RSSI). GPS data handling is provided to interface and control internal GPS receiver.

The radios are programmed using an IBM personal computer, DOS or Windows based software, an interface module and a programming cable. This allows the radio to be tailored to meet the requirements of the individual user and of the system(s) it is operating within. The Maxon SD-160 and SD-170 series RF data radio delivers reliable 2 way communications and remote control for a variety of application needs.

SD-160 and SD-170 series are suitable for:

  • Golf courses
  • Weather stations
  • Pump flow control
  • Emergency call boxes
  • SCADA applications

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