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RF link modules from Maxon Australia

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RF link modules available from Maxon Australia allow radio frequency signals to be used for the control and monitoring of remote sites.
Maxon’s SD-125 RF link modules are ideal for use in irrigation equipment, electrical equipment, building security systems, monitoring stations and emergency call-boxes.

Maxon’s SD-125 RF link modules extend communication possibilities with the addition of the expansion lid and installation of CTCSS modules, modem boards or other option boards. For instance, the optional Maxon CTCSS encoder/ decoder (SD-010) can be installed for the SD-125 Series to increase privacy during audio applications and operates on all 38 EIA standard CTCSS tones.

The Maxon SD-FSK (V23 or Bell 202) 1200 Baud modem accepts low speed data to provide monitoring and control of external devices and includes high density 15-pin connector, standoffs, installation hardware and instructions. The installation includes the expansion lid kit.

Models in the Maxon SD-125 Series:
  • SD-125E V2: VHF 148 - 174 MHz
  • SD-125E U1: UHF 400 - 430MHz
  • SD-125E U2: UHF 440 - 470MHz
  • SD-125E U3: UHF 470 - 490MHz

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