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MaXvpn VPN solution from Maxon Australia

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MaXvpn, in conjunction with MaXwan, can increase the network capabilities of an organisation, by utilising the IP connectivity of its existing internet, and enabling remote access to the data.

MaXvpn from Maxon Australia  is a fully managed value added VPN - Virtual Private Network - service. This VPN solution leverages the IP connectivity of the internet enabling remote office or individual users to securely access their wireless connections, within MaXwan, virtually from anywhere.

MaXvpn can offer the following:

  • Simple solution - Low annual subscription fee for a VPN solution with data upload and download.
  • Simple management - A fully managed VPN solution with one point of contact and no monthly bills.
  • Ease of use - Connection through VPN-client software using a dedicated username and password.
  • Flexible access - Secure access to wireless connections within the MaXwan network from anywhere.
  • Reliability and security - All communication is encrypted for data confidentiality and integrity with advanced security features such as Data Encryption, Authentication and Authorisation (DEAA).

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