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Maxon Australia  offer wireless connectivity solutions through a range of communication products including Ethernet modems, telemetry and consumer modems, wireless devices and Ethernet docking stations. The modems supplied by Maxon Australia are available in CDMA, HSUPA and HSDPA models. Through continuous research and development strategies, Maxon Australia develop a range of communication products. Maxon Australia provide design, development and installation services for a range of wireless communication products suitable for commercial, residential and industrial applications. UniMax is an Ethernet modem developed by Maxon Australia that can be used for managing industrial machinery, workfleet and data loggers.

UniMax is a single port Ethernet modem that works on the basis of HSDPA technology. Industrial and business organisations with wireless telemetry needs can benefit from the UniMax Ethernet modems supplied by Maxon Australia. UniMax Ethernet modems can be used for automated remote meter reading, vehicle tracking and management, security control and VOIP communication applications. The UniMax Ethernet modems distributed by Maxon Australia have a downlink speed of 7.2Mbps and an uplink speed of 384kbps. Multiple computers can be connected to the internet through the UniMax Ethernet modems. UniMax Ethernet modems are platform independent and come with a web based user interface.

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