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Enviromax controllers from Maxon powered by smart modems

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Maxon Australia  presents the Enviromax controller designed for comprehensive control of M2M applications.

Available as a complete intelligent telemetry package to advance various industrial applications, Enviromax controllers are powered by Maxon’s exclusive Smartmax HSPA smart modem, and offer a cost-effective telemetry solution for M2M applications requiring supervision and control of data equipment over the 3G network.

The cost-effective Enviromax is an all-in-one smart telemetry solution ideally designed and developed for communications devices that require remote monitoring and control in M2M applications.

Enviromax controllers find application in remote solar powering of M2M devices, line fault monitoring, environmental monitoring of remotely deployed telemetry devices, physical control of gates and contact drivable changes of state as well as water and gas metering.

Enviromax leverages the intelligence of the Smartmax modem, the control flexibility of the Smartmax I/O board and its internal battery power. The full featured Enviromax includes 6 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 2 analogue inputs, 1 pulse input port, and reporting using DNP3 or via SMS through programming of the digital inputs and outputs among others.

Enviromax is encased in a robust IP66 rated enclosure for operation in challenging environmental conditions. The enclosure can be combined with the solar panel option to deliver a complete low cost RTU solution, which can be easily interfaced with any M2M application without requiring additional power supply or charging circuitry.

Enviromax controllers can be easily integrated without requiring costly and time-consuming changes to the existing application setup.

Key features of Enviromax controllers:

  • Compatible with any wireless operator in Australia 
  • HSPA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE compatible 
  • 6 digital inputs 
  • 4 digital outputs 
  • 2 analogue inputs 
  • 1 pulse input 
  • Supports DNP3 reporting, SMS reporting and control 
  • Configurable via web interface 
  • Optional solar panel, backup battery and mounting brackets 
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) available for Smartmax HSPA modem

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