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Turret punch presses work safely in corners

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article image Nibbling speed on 1mm centres is 1,100 hits a minute, provided by a servo controlled ram.

ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies has released a 300kN adjustable turret punch press series for sheet metal fabrication. Finn-Power's C5 series has a fast servo hydraulic punching system tool indexing system and turret construction, automatic clamp setting and moving, easy sheet loading and unloading, a catch and carry work chute, powerful NC control and graphical user interface and indexable upforming.

It can be supplied with or retrofitted with the C5 Compact Express Automatic Sheet Load/Unload System for rapid load/unload cycles and uninterrupted work schedules. Nibbling speed on 1mm centres is 1,100 hits a minute, provided by a servo controlled ram. Stroke speed and position are fully adjustable in both directions.

The servo hydraulic punching system automates overload protection and is suitable for all kinds of punching, forming and special applications. Other benefits include the availability of punch, slow punch, soft punch, down-forming, and marking punching modes.

As many as 10 index stations can be installed in the C5 for minimum setup times and a fast, flexible and efficient fabrication process. With its CNC Index tool system based on a single AC servomotor, the punch and die are mechanically engaged and disengaged.

Tool rotation can be programmed in 0.001º increments and throughout 360º rotation. A shorter path to the desired angle is automatically selected by the system. Full tonnage can be used in any index station with any tool size and at maximum material thickness.

The turret construction allows customer-specific turret layouts and many indexing stations and existing tooling systems can be used. Multi-tool stations allow up to 150 tools on the turret and applications like wheel technology and diamond marking can be used.

The machine makes automatic clamp settings by positioning sheet clamps individually according to the NC program. When changing production from full size to small sheets, clamp setting can be made automatically without wasting operator time.

Clamps can be automatically set to their programmed locations to eliminate any possibility of punching the clamp. Dead zones can also be completely eliminated with an optional third clamp and programmable clamp move function.

Regardless of sheet size, sheet loading takes place with a simple push and is always close to the table edge with four optimally positioned gauge pins. Sheet supports rise from the table to allow easy positioning of heavy material.

Unloading of processed components is semi-automatic, as the machine places the component to a freely-programmable position on the table. Finn-Power's Catch and Carry work chute allows reception of several components up to 500mm x 500mm in size on a level from which they subsequently exit from the machine as a stack.

Siemens or Fanuc CNC control includes an Ethernet connection, modem and fast NC-program downloading as standard. Options include PowerLink M, a user interface software and hardware system that includes an integrated industrial PC, a touch screen and special Finn-Power PowerLink user interface software. PowerLink generates work queues and is helpful in production planning. Machine operation is monitored by the data collection function, and fast telediagnostics are available with a teleservice option through FINN-POWER's global customer service network.

A moving table allows fabricated sheets to be unloaded at the same time as new sheets are being loaded, providing a rapid and uninterrupted cycle times. The system takes up hardly more room than a standard turret, handling sheets up to 1250mm x 2500mm and handling bundles up to 150mm for loading and 250mm for unloading.

The loader is fitted to the rear of the machine, leaving the front of the machine available for the standard C5 manual loading and unloading of sheets and parts.

The sheet loading table includes double sheet detection and automatic sheet referencing of every sheet loaded.

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