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Tooling system reduces setup time

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article image The Mate Xcel tooling system.

THE Mate Xcel is a high performance, full-featured tooling system designed to reduce setup time, improve piece part quality and maximise productivity.

For maximum flexibility, Mate Xcel components are compatible with existing conventional thin turret tooling inventory and include: a canister assembly for the 1-1/4" station, a punch guide assembly for the Strippit Style 3-1/2" station, together with punches, strippers and slug free dies.

Important Mate Xcel features include canister assembly designed with a push button mechanism allowing punch length adjustment in 0.20mm increments for quick and precise tool setup without disassembly. This design feature ensures rapid tool change and maximum productivity.

Stripper guides are hardened and ground with superior angularity and concentricity for reduced friction and longer tool life.

Punches are made with DuraSteel for superior hardness and toughness with extended interval between regrinds.

Mate's exclusive slug free die geometry eliminates slug pulling to improve piece part quality and increase tool life.

The Mate Xcel thin turret tool system includes many options and accessories to handle every punching requirement. These include 3 station and 8 station multi tools for Strippit style punch presses, cluster assemblies with replacable inserts, multi-function maintenance fixture for assembling and adjusting tool components and alignment tools for aligning each turret station.

The Mate Xcel is available from Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies Pty Ltd .

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