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Tooling system for Trumpf presses

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article image Mate’s new range of punch inserts.

MATE Precision Tooling, represented by Advanced Sheetmetal , has introduced a new tooling system for Trumpf presses with special features that increase tool life, facilitate fast tooling changes, and reduce tooling costs.

The system is designed with interchangeable, highly abrasion and adhesion resistant punch inserts that install easily and quickly into NEXT insert punch holders.

These holders combine the functions of a conventional punch shank and alignment ring into a single assembly. The integral alignment design of the holder provides precise tooling orientation and makes installing the punch fast and without the need for additional fixtures or devices.

Mate's NEXT insert tooling delivers longer life. M4 high speed steel is used for increased toughness in punch inserts with a diagonal dimension from 0.80mm to 30mm.

Punch inserts with a diagonal dimension over 30mm are manufactured of M2 high speed steel.

Both tool steels are highly abrasion and adhesion resistant to maximize the interval between regrinds. In addition, the NEXT insert tooling system allows the introduction of a shim between the punch insert and the punch holder.

After 3mm has been removed from the punch insert from regrinding, the punch assembly returns to its original length instead of requiring replacement. This means one Mate insert will outlast several conventional punches.

Another advantage of the tooling system is that it is interchangeable with other popular alternative tooling systems and is available in the following:

* Size 40 - for sizes 0.80mm-40mm.

* Size 76 - for sizes 40.01mm-76.20mm.

The NEXT system also features quick, push-on urethane strippers that lock onto insert holders.

These urethane strippers are available for punch sizes up to 40mm diagonal and provide positive, on-the-die stripping, eliminating sheet rattle and excess noise.

These urethane strippers also protect the part being punched, especially decorative materials that could be damaged by conventional metal strippers.

The NEXT system uses conventional dies that include Mate's Stress Free relief feature, which eliminates die cracking and maximizes die strength.

Dies also feature a uniform corner clearance radius for rectangles and square shaped tools, thereby reducing tool wear, eliminating pip-marks and improving overall piece part quality. These dies are available in standard size 1 and size 2.

Mate Tooling +1 763 421 0230.

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