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Thin turret tooling for punch presses

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article image MATE thin turret tooling to fit Strippit punch presses.

ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies has gained the licence in Australia and New Zealand to distribute the range of MATE thin turret tooling to fit Strippit punch presses.

Manufactured from DuraSteel, a tough and hard product for tool steels, every punch in the range has a 0.25° back taper to minimise friction during stripping.

DuraSteel materials and low friction construction provides a range of punches that require few regrinds and have a long service life.

Guide bodies are manufactured with precision from high quality tool steel with a good level of strength, accuracy and concentricity. This maximises piece part quality, tool life length, and minimises tool costs.

The range includes snap apart assemblies to fit the 0.5” station, drop in assemblies for 5/8” stations, full body assemblies for the 1.25” station and punches, and dies and strippers for the 3.5” station.

In addition to its suitability to Strippit machines, the range can be used in LVD, Shape, DiAcro, Nisshinbo and a variety of other machines.

MATE can also produce the MTG eight-station (12.7mm) multi-tool punches and strippers. The manufacturer also supports a wide ranging line of special forming assemblies in a 1.25” station and a 3.5” station, to allow fabricators to expand their capabilities.

The die is slug-free, preventing slug pulling, a condition where the slug returns to the top of the sheet during the return portion of the punching cycle and then comes between the punch and the top of the sheet on the next cycle, causing damage to the piece part and the tooling.

The slug-free die has been designed with an opening that has a constriction point below the surface so the slug cannot return once it passes through this point. Once the slug is separated from the punch, it is free to fall away from the punching area. This protects parts and tools.

Punch heads are flat for precise distribution of punching forces through the punch.

Springs are shot-peened to eliminate residual stresses common in springs to extend service life, while the spring retainers are precisely machined to seat securely on the punch to reduce punching stress.

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