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Teda press brakes that save operating time available from Maxitec

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Maxitec  have acquired the range of Teda press brakes designed with compressed air power for fast tool changes to save operating times during manufacturing cycles.

As Teda refined the radical design, maximum care was taken to address the common modular tools on the market.

Until this point, the industry norm was for hydraulic feeding with medium pressure compared to Teda’s feeding with compressed air and low pressure, with equal or higher clamping strength compared to the previous hydraulic systems.

The compressed air power provided the scope to install the system on any kind of machine whether new or used. Furthermore, the absence of harmful losses of oil, the speed of system assembly on the machines (because an expensive and complex hydraulic circuit is not necessary) and the complete flexibility of this kind of clamping system also provided several other advantages.

TEDA pneumatic clamping systems have a frontal ejection/insertion of the tools. The air supply passes through a system of telescopic pipes that allow a frontal unit to slide. It is possible to remove the clamping units working on the eccentrics that join the units to the telescopic pipes. Inserting these longer telescopic pipes enable the operator to obtain empty spaces between one unit and the other.

This frontal insertion solution demands one modification on the tools junction tag in order to create ‘V’ housing. This modification assures the twofold advantage of frontal insertion and automatic tools lifting during clamping, without the need for a bending action in order to house the tools.

Furthermore, the tools modified according to Teda design can be used with the normal manual clamping systems.

Subsequently, TEDA have developed models that allow the automatic clamping of the tools both with frontal and overturned assembly.

The last step was the engineering of a model allowing assembly of the clamping bracket in the wished position (frontal or posterior), totally freeing the opposite part from annoying encumbrances but maintaining the possibility to use two clamping brackets at the same time for the automatic clamping in both directions.

Teda’s Star System ensures the air feeding slides directly between the upper brackets fixed to the mobile part of the press brake, freeing totally the intermediate units that clamp the tools from the necessary feedings to the compressed air itself.

The operator of the press brake is completely free to equip the machine according to the production requirements. In fact, the operator can take off one or more intermediates from the middle of the machine or from its sides.

In this way there are no limits for the operator and the press brake becomes the centre of simultaneous working stations with a set-up time reduced to the minimum.

The new clamping systems are totally free in the back part, with the great advantage to gain the maximum availability of useful back space for the folds.

It is not more necessary to modify the tools junction tag with the consequent lateral insertion of the tools, even for sectioned tools up to 110mm length the obtainable distance between a module and the other allows the frontal insertion.

Moreover, also with last generation clamping systems the tools are automatically lifted during clamping without need of a ‘pre’ bending in order to house the tools.

By turning the appropriate selector, the tools are steady housed and ready for bending. This important feature allows clamping of small sectioned parts that are normally very difficult to align during clamping.

Back clamping of the tools (tools turned 180°) is always possible using the appropriate manual bracket that can be easily and comfortably fixed from the press brake forehead.

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