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Swift and flexible CNC punching machine

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article image Tecnoindex 30 – simple to operate.

A NEW CNC punching machine, available through Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies , can reduce standard manufacturing time, realise complex work pieces, and provide maximum exploitation of the tool loaded in the machine.

The Tecnoindex 30 from Technology Italiana provides a workshop with efficiency and flexibility in punching through precision, reliability, and fast working modality.

Swiftness and accuracy is mainly achieved through the machine's rotating tool on the C-axis (from 0° to 360° with centesimal accuracy), so it reduces standard manufacturing time and handles complex work pieces.

Within the Tecnoindex range are three different machines: 1050mm x 1550mm, 1550mm x 1550mm and 1500mm x 2000mm, each of which allows a high level of customisation in production.

A C-shaped frame, characteristic of all Tecnology Italiana's punching machines, ensures a greater flexibility in use, thus maintaining stability and stiffness in order to obtain an optimal precision.

Plate references for both axes located on a single bar allow a precise zero setting and the loading of the metal sheet anywhere along the working range.

A front tipping table is equipped with a depressor for the releasing of the single workpiece or scrap obtained from multiple machining.

Continuous numeric control is achieved using Technology Italiana's own CNC Tecnocontrol GE Fanuc 18pi-PB with MS Windows graphic interface, which is easy to use and clear to see.

It allows simultaneous management of five absolute axes, is touchscreen operated, has a multitask function to allow programming even during the machining process, and permits entering of data from network, floppy disk, and CD ROM.

The Technoindex 30 is simple enough to operate so even a less frequent user on the machine will not normally reduce manufacturing time.

An indexed tool which eliminates manual operations to change the tool orientation facilitates faster execution speed with a higher flexibility. It reduces unemployed times, gross productivity, gives better quality and lesser wear of tools and allows the machining of any workpiece.

JETCAM Expert programming software is optional in four different configurations. This allows standard automatic functions including: automatic tool positioning, automatic nesting, complete simulation and automatic repositioning. There is also a possibility to install a CAD 3D software to design and develop sheet metal machining.


The Tecnoindex 30 has four different sets of tool holders: series 15, series 40, series 70 and series 100 which exploit to the utmost the metal sheet and consequent work on its entire workspace.

The nibbling tool has a continuous lubrication system. Special tools can be made on request based on a customer's drawings (also for special buckling and multiple drill) and it is possible to use special bent tools (whisper tools) to exert a cut similar to shearing but with less stress, less power and less noise, without affecting the performances (this is particularly suited for thick materials).

A large connection surface and a stable fixing system allow a better precision during the cutting. Its tools are compatible with all Tecnology's punching machines. Compensation for reground tools is up to 5mm.

The Multimatic system

This tooling system allows the possibility to house no. 5 series 15 standard tools of any shape. It lets the user operate the machine as an automatic tool change with five stations and provides automatic station change.

From 0.1mm to 8mm

Machining is possible up to 8mm of thickness, repositioning can be achieved to machine sheet sizes larger than the operation range on the X axis, and the unit can work on sheet edges, bars and plane surfaces, from copper to stainless steel material.

There is also the possibility to make any kind of forming operation and vary the tool penetration during the machining. As an option, threading can be done with FIL-MATIC.

Machining of work pieces with folded edges

A special configuration of the clamps allows the punching of pre-filled components (even on all four sides). This same clamp arrangement allows for the punching of L and U shaped sections.

Technical features include the following (based on the Technoindex 30 TCNX 2000 model):

Rated power capacity is 300kN, X-axis work range -40 ÷ 2000mm, Y-axis work range -40 ÷ 1500mm, X-axis work range has a repositioning of -40 ÷ 4000mm, maximum positioning speed on the X-axis is 85m/min, on the Y-axis it is 60m/min, and on simultaneous axes 104m/min.

Position accuracy is ± 0.1mm, maximum shearing diameter is 100mm, maximum punching and nibbling thickness is 8mm, compensation for reground tools is 5mm, adjustable stroke length of 0 ÷ 20mm, maximum weight of metal sheet during working is 150kg, and minimum time for tool change is five seconds.

Tool rotation (C-axis) is 50rpm and tool rotation accuracy on the C-axis of 0.01 degrees. When machining a workpiece with folded edges with standard clamps, the edge h is 20mm; with special clamps the edge h is 30mm.

Pneumatic feeding is 6 bar, minimum compressed air capacity is 200l/min., absorbed capacity is 14kW, overall dimensions measure 3950 x 4050 x 2450mm and overall weight is 8000kg.

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