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Sheetmetal machinery needs professional maintenance

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The sheetmetal machinery has developed so rapidly at a technological level that gone are the days when self maintenance can be performed. Sheetmetal machinery used by serious fabricators needs specialised, qualified personnel to oversee maintenance.

Even so, the maintenance division of the sheetmetal machinery supplier, Maxitec still encounters instances of unqualified in-house maintenance.

“Maintaining these world-class machines is not that simple because they often have servo electric motors, powerful software, lasers, senses and highly technical control systems rather than just oil filters and simple mechanical systems,” said manager of Maxitec’s Maintenance Division, Mr Kevin Bentrup.

“Almost certainly, in-house maintenance is lowering the high tolerances and operating standard of the unit and is possibly even damaging the machine.

"But some fabricators are viewing their machines in a modern way that suitable to growing in global market. This type of successful operator recognises that they are not just purchasing a product, they are also purchasing the benefits that come with such a high-tech product.

"Hence, they do not even think about servicing machines in-house and as a result they reap all the operational benefits and profit margins.”

Backup service and maintenance is now an imperative for the sheetmetal and machine tool industry.

Automated sheetmetal production machinery covers everything from stand-alone production through to fully automated manufacturing systems, so an entire production line is likely to be affected.

"The technology that drives sheetmetal machinery is developing at such an exponential rate that we as a maintenance specialist feel we have to be there to partner our customers all the way,” said Mr Bentrup.

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