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article image Combo FMS allows simple custom engineering for meeting given targets.
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THE new Combo FMS from Finn-Power is an intermediate-level materials handling system positioned between the company's Flexible Manufacturing Cells and Night Train FMS systems.

Distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies, Combo FMS is a compact solution for automating the manufacture of high-quality sheetmetal components.

Its capacity for unmanned operation brings the break-even point of an investment much closer than one- or two-shift manual operation of manufacturing can achieve.

Combo FMS is a perfect tool for order based, small lot manufacturing using a range of different materials, or different sizes of blank sheets for optimum economy in material consumption.

Due to versatile material handling capabilities, Combo FMS can operate as an automatic:

* raw sheet storage

* buffer storage between two fabrication processes

* skeleton handling system, including even a possibility or sorting according to material type.

The automatic Combo storage has a total of six alternative I/O interfaces, thus layout configuration can be chosen flexibly to meet the requirements of factory logistics.

Three types of cassettes can be handled:

* raw material cassettes

* cassettes for EUR pallets (components can be removed from the storage stacked on EUR pallets)

* cassettes for skeletons, which can be emptied using a forklift or a crane.

Blank sheet stacks are loaded onto raw material cassettes through the system's I/O station. The I/O station is equipped with vertically moving support bars, so a forklift or a crane equipped with forks can be used. Stack positioning is simple with the positioning gauges of the I/O station.

The raw material cassette can be used for stacking components. An alternative is to use a cassette for EUR pallets. EUR pallets can be handled with a forklift of a crane in the I/O station.

Finn-Power's FMS control solution is essentially non-centralised, with independent operation of separate functions.

The company's new PowerPlan software is used for production planning as well as for programming punching, shearing and laser cutting operations.

PowerLink, LaserLink and BendLink are cell control solutions which allow automatic running of programs as required by the work queue.

Programs can be unique nests or standard programs for repeated batch manufacturing. Cell controls take care of manufacturing data collection and feature a sophisticated diagnostics function.

The main task of an FMS control is data management of raw materials and components within the manufacturing system. Cassette-specific raw material data is stored and the control automatically selects the appropriate cassette on receiving an order from the cells.

Component data is stored by stacks and stack positions can be seen on a PC screen.

The control of Combo FMS is fully integrated in the controls of the cells within the system. Real time information of the status of the cassettes is always available.

Workpieces can be ordered into automatic cells or manually operated stations.

In addition, the control features includes:

* manual operation

* alarms

* alarm log

* diagnostic function

* telediagnostics.

Combo FMS is a modular solution which allows simple custom engineering for meeting given targets.

Here are some examples:

1) One or two cells and automatic raw material storage function with:

* Finn-Power Shear Genius punching/shearing cell

* Finn-Power Shear Brilliance punching/shearing cell with sheet positioning by linear drives

* Finn-Power Express - a turret punch press with automatic loading and unloading

* a Finn-Power punching/laser cutting cell with automatic loading and unloading.

2) One cell and automatic storage for raw material, components plus skeletons and scrap with:

* Finn-Power turret punch press and LUR load/unload/stacking robot

* Finn-Power's punching/laser cutting cell and loading/unloading/stacking robot type LSR

* Finn-Power's high-speed L6 laser cutting machine with automatic material handling.

3) One cell and automatic component storage with buffering function in connection with:

* Finn-Power Shear Genius punching/shearing cell and the STS stacking system

* Finn-Power Shear Brilliance punching/shearing cell with SBB stacking robot.

Integrated bending of sheet metal components is possible due to Finn-Power's automatic stacking solutions. Either Finn-Power's robot operated hydraulic press brake or an automatic EB bending cell can be integrated. BendLink cell control is used for calling components from the storage and generating the work queues.

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