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article image Operating Schroeder machines requires very little technical knowledge.

ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies has gained the exclusive distributor licence in Australia New Zealand for the large range of Schroeder cutting and bending machines.

A key competitive aspect to this quality range is its control software that allows very easy use for even the most non-technical operator or manager.

All touchscreen operated, the control software requires only simple sketches with approximate measurements from which it works out technical accuracies.

This software provides accurate profile sketches, works out the tooling required for the process, then simulates the job on screen before the operator instructs it to commence.

The range includes shears, bending and folding machines, and control systems.

Shears product range

Motorised and manual cutting machines: MHSU, MHSU V, PowerDuoCut PDC, MSS and HSS.

The MHSU model, for instance, has an ergonomic design and controls that allow it to process almost any metallic and non-metallic material. Ideal for signs and special materials, the MHSU has a control unit that takes care of the parts as they are drawn from the guillotine.

Special accessories include: mechanical chute front return, NC back gauge POS 100 control, sheet support pneumatically controlled, front and back return, cutting edge elimination, different square and arm systems, pneumatic hold down, conveying units and stacking systems on demand.

Folders: both manual and powered units

Modular 2000 (manual) can operate loaded with a 2000mm2 x 1mm copper sheet and allows connection of multiple machines. Options include a cutting device and two support arms with finger stops and scale.

The unit is suitable for workshops and building site. Because units can be added side by side to extend the handling capacity, it can extend to bend sheet metal that is up to 10 metres in length. Compact, the Modular 2000 has 1020mm space between the arms for easy operation.

ASK1000 universal segment bender (manual) has a patented fast tool clamp system. It can operate with a 1000mm2 x 1.5mm thick blank sheet. It has segmented tools for lower beam and bending beam, segmented Z-shaped rail and two support arms with finger stops and scale (option).

Narrow upper beam allows unrestricted access. Dismantling the assembly is easy. A quick lock system is for interchangeable rails. The unit has a range of applications that suits almost any requirement.

Schroeder's powered folding machines can provide endless possibilities for profiles, due to powerful but easy-to-use software as its base. These tough units have welded construction with oversized dimensions to provide maximum power. Ball screw driven spindles provide operation with less friction.

The MPB multi power bend excentrical-driven has a control system that provides an automatic tool changing system. Touchscreen controlled, with the simulation option an operator can check clearances and bending sequences even before starting production.

The fast movement of the bending shortens production cycles and carries out orders as quickly as possible. The operator always has control with just a glance at the screen. Both the bending and lower beam can be lowered up to 80mm.

A central control device guarantees the best accuracy while a direct drive gives excellent efficiency, with hardly any loss of torque. Tooling is easily changed and offers excellent clearances. Back gauge has sinkable fingers for easy turning, especially with big pieces.

The controller transmits casual information into precise machining language. In the shortest time you can change the length, bending angle or radius. Because of the touchscreen control, the operator has a virtual reality representation of the job.

Other models include:

* MAKV which has an eccentrically driven standard POS 400 control.

* MAK3 trapezoid spindle driven standard with POS 400 control.

* SPB (servo power bend) with POS 2000 spindle driven control is a state-of-the-art folding machine for the highest requirements in production processes and accuracy.

* For bending solutions that require up to a thickness of 8mm, the MAK 4 with standard POS 500-1 control is the ideal unit.


The most sophisticated control is the POS 2000. It has various functions including selection product, creation product, dimension product, production graphic and allows the best precision. POS 2000 simulation can forecast for each bend and can profile before and after the bend. Possible collisions will be shown and the bending sequence can be changed.

POS 400 allows an easy nine-fold control for bending angle and closing upper beam. It has a manual backstop available.

POS 500 is an NC control with table for insert values. Working only in metric measurements, it has soft positioning of upper beam, two axles or three axles control, and back gauge up to 1500mm.

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