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Shear Genius punch press available from Maxitec

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According to Maxitec , there are two types of fabricators, one who suffers losses and the other who makes profits and expands business. The industrial sector must identify why there is such a disparity between the successful and the strugglers when times get tough.

Maxitec observe that businesses suffer as they cannot come to terms with the true value of a machinery investment, especially technology operating with barcode readers. In addition to purchase price, the true representation in the cost of investment is calculated over a few years with an emphasis on returns and efficiencies. This medium term approach takes into account an identifiable bracket of time during which a technological upgrade proves useful.

Maxitec note that on one hand, there are business-savvy managers who spend more on upper-level upgrades knowing they will get higher returns in production compared to what they would over same period if they persisted with outdated technology. There is the other half which does not make use of software and barcode technology.

For example, the price of a semi-automatic turret punch press. Maxitec’s flagship turret punch/press technology, the Shear Genius is priced about three times as much. The price difference scares those with limited business acumen but stimulates enquiries from those who are to succeed. Maxitec Shear Genius punch press is based on the integration of right angle shearing into high-quality, high-performance punching, similar to Finn Power in stand-alone turret punch presses.

This integration utilises the manufacturing economy offered by efficient nesting programmes. Shear Genius punch press integrates several fabrication processes into one machine. Shear Genius punch press replaces three standalone units that include punch, press and shear. Therefore an analysis must include the cost of an operator for each of three machines and three software programmes in the office. Finn Power have incorporated barcode technology into their sheet metal working machines.

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