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Shear Genius allows third shift in enclosure manufacturing

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article image B&R Enclosures is using a Shear Genius turret punch-shear to increase production.

IN its 50th year of operation, progressive family-owned sheetmetal company B&R Enclosures has implemented a new FINN-POWER Shear Genius combination turret punch/shear to maintain growth and momentum in production.

The company, with factories in Brisbane and Adelaide employing more than two hundred people producing a wide variety of enclosures, can now easily run an unattended third shift during peak demands.

B&R Enclosures’ products are used in every state and territory in Australia as well as in New Zealand, Asia and further afield.

Products cover electrical, data, telecommunications and signalling applications and are used in industrial applications such as mining, infrastructure, switchboard, air conditioning, data centre and many others, as well as in domestic situations.

Doug Searle, B&R Enclosures' plant manager based in Adelaide, says the Shear Genius adds to the company's customer focus and technological awareness.

Doug says that they can now easily run an unattended third shift with this machine. The company normally does two shifts per day, six days a week, but the FINN-POWER unit keeps on working when everyone has gone home.

Even the scrap is automatically removed by conveyors into safely-guarded areas so manual handling is unnecessary once the machine begins the job, thus allowing machine operators to concentrate on core duties.

In addition to supplying their customers with good products on time, B&R Enclosures assists them with their design requirements and have made available a web-based cabinet design tool that allows them to customise their cabinets to a large number of applications.

Part of the company's drive for productivity and quality development is the awareness of the benefits of using up-to-date technology.

B&R Enclosure has increased production output by over 25%. Their turnaround times have improved vastly and they can be much more responsive to meet market demand.

B&R Enclosures invested in the Finn-Power Shear Genius combination turret punch/shear/press with automatic sheet feeder, right-angle shear, sorter and stacker.

The machine automates the entire material flow from material storage, loading and unloading to scrap removal, component sorting and stacking.

Apart from significantly heightening productivity and profits, the CNC-controlled Shear Genius also increases operator safety and reduces scheduled downtime commitments.

The CNC control also facilitates a highly economical use of material. There is far less scrap and more parts can be produced out of sheet stock by eliminating skeleton frames between parts.

A very high rate of productivity is gained from the turret because more complex nesting can be achieved and slitting operations are not required.

B&R Enclosures had been using JetCAM software but has now changed over to NC Express Way, the FINN-POWER software.

This is their second FINN-POWER machine. The other unit had provided the company with seven years of uninterrupted service so when they were looking to upgrade a 20-year-old machine (of another make), they decided to get another FINN-POWER unit.

Shear Genius is available in sizes to handle the following raw sheet sizes: 1,250mm x 2,500mm; 1,500mm x 3,000mm; and 1,500mm x 4,000mm.

With Shear Genius, a 3t pallet of steel can be processed in an average time of six hours and this can be maintained on a 24/7 non-stop basis for weeks if required.

B&R Enclosures says the Shear Genius after-sales support from Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies has been excellent.

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