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THE Vario Tool-Grinder from MATE eliminates two of the most common problems associated with the sharpening of punch-press machine tools: tool damage and difficult handling procedures.

Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies (AST), Vario Tool-Grinder has an optional laser beam operating below the grinding wheel.

This laser beam is in place to sense the top of the punch and thus set a reference point so there is no physical touch by the grinding wheel on the punch-tip; hence no prospect for damage or breakage of small diameter punches.

Unlike other sharpening machines on the industrial market, Vario Tool-Grinder is user friendly because it does not require an operator to bring the die down to the punch - a procedure that often snaps the small-diameter punches.

Once a reference position has been set by the laser, one of five pre-set sharpening programs can be selected from the touch screen. The tool grinding is then performed automatically.

Fixtures are available for the unit to work with the most common punch press tooling brands and styles available internationally - including FINN-Power, Amada, Trumpf and Euromac.

Vario Tool-Grinder is compact enough to be placed directly beside the punch-press to allow simple operation and tool re-grinding whenever the operator has spare time.

An LCD screen has a touch screen control panel from which feed rates and grinding menu can be easily chosen.

Tools are clamped to a high-precision griding table by specific tooling fixtures which allow the reproduction of correct shear geometry - shears and rooftop up to a 12° angle - and the fixtures allow many different tooling styles to be sharpened in the same grinding machine.

Quick and easy fastening of punch-press tooling without additional mounting tools is guaranteed because all fixtures are based on a bayonet system.

Fixtures for almost all types of punch-press tooling styles can be delivered according to manufacturers' specifications.

For Amada, FINN-Power, Euromac and other TT tooling, the tooling fixture comprises the three fixture palettes, one palette which clamps all dies via an excentre and two stud bolts.

In TT station A and B are clamped in a sleeve of one palette, and punches C-E are clamped on another palette using the M12 thread in the punch body.

The ground fixture has an included scale which makes it easy to set the punch in any angle between 0 and 12°. This feature makes it convenient to reproduce the proper shear geometry of the punch (one way or roof top shear).

For Trumpf, the tooling fixture comprises one clamping palette for dies which is also used for all punches without shear.

The second palette includes a sinus tilt in order to accomplish an easy adjustment for grinding rooftop, one-way and diagonal shear geometry on the punches. The dies are on the die palette clamped via a fixture screw against two stud bolts.

Punches are mounted in a sleeve via a clamping screw with or without alignment ring. For reproducing shear geometry on the punch face, the punches are mounted in a sleeve with or without alignment ring and clamped on the sinus tilt.

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