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Reverse engineering technology from Maxitec eliminates prototype wastage

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Maxitec  have expanded their reverse engineering technology due to a collaboration between two companies for which they act as a supplier in Australia and New Zealand.

A recent alliance between CADCAM software developer JetCam International and InspecVision , a manufacturer of photogrammetry measuring systems, has led to an advanced integration between the products.

This is ideal for company’s looking to maximise reverse engineering of components is that they can now scan previously manufactured parts and within seconds be able to generate a numerically controlled code for a nest of those components.

Once the parts are manufactured, they can be scanned and compared with the original electronic file to double-check accuracy. Andrew Bentrup, Sales and Marketing Director, Maxitec, said that this development will eliminate guesswork and prototyping which costs companies time and money.

This is very much a seamless link between digital technology and machine application, which allows most refinements to be done in the digital environment rather than wasting money experimenting with actual product. Design engineers can fashion a part and refine it in a software environment to a high level of engineering accuracy, manufacture a single prototype, and if satisfied by the result just scan and lock it into the system as a template, Andrew Bentrup added.

This technology has been developed with small players in mind, to allow everyone to grow their business and improve their performance. JetCam software provides InspecVision users with a seamless link at both ends of the production process.

Operators can even draw on JetCam’s broad support of machine tools and cutting technologies, and the automation of all the processes between initial part scanning and inspection of the finished part. JetCam customers adopting InspecVision technology will gain physical hardware interface needed to import real-world part information.

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