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article image Laser Brilliance -- cutting edge technology.

PUNCHING and laser cutting has been integrated by FINN-POWER in what is recognised as the company’s most technically advanced machine capable of extremely fast and accurate operation.

Laser Brilliance, distributed by Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies (AST), has a 30-station, 30-ton punching system operating on linear drive technology for ultra-fast and extremely accurate positioning throughout its full 3000mm (x-axis) working area (a 4000mm x-axis model is also available).

AST managing director Ingo Bentrup says Laser Brilliance is a combined turret punch press/laser cutting machine that has shown it can make a difference to a company's productivity rates.

"We have seen it installed at sheet metal workshops that had just taken on new contracts with tight lead times, and the punching and laser cutting times have been reduced by as much as 70 per cent," Bentrup said.

"Apart from significant savings in time, there is a dramatic reduction in raw material wastage and the finished product is so cleanly cut and punched that burrs and other by-products of the manufacturing process are a thing of the past."

Up to 228m/min axis positioning speed is reached, as well as a laser cutting speed up to 20m/min.

FINN-POWER's hydraulic system combined with an ultra fast linear drive system allows nibbling speed of 1,100hpm and a punching speed of 520hpm at a 25mm distance.

Laser cutting capacity of the Laser Brilliance is up to 3.5kW.

Other technical features include:

* A 30-ton hydraulic system.

* 30 tool stations.

* Fast and accurate linear drive technology for X and Y axis.

* Index rotation speed up to 167rpm.

* Tooling capacity up to 200 (with Multi-Tools).

* 3,500W CO2 laser.

* Autofocus cutting head.

* 5-axis stacking and sorting robot.

* Eight position rotary sorting device.

Entire material flow is automated by several, complementary solutions. For example, in Europe the unit has been operated with a 5-axis loading, sorting and stacking robot, as well as a sorting unit with eight addresses.

Laser Brilliance can also be equipped with flexible, modular material handling equipment like a cell concept using FINN-POWER's new, compact FPS storage.

Integration with the Night Train FMS allows the equipment's extremely high capacity to be utilised to its fullest.

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