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Press brake has high speed with precision and flexibility

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article image Has an internal storage program that is expandable or connected to a network.

ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies supplies the new Gasparini X-press press brake range, which is an evolutionary step up from the company's existing PBS brake, with key performance factors added as a response to market demands.

The X-press version uses Windows-based Delem control DA66W for excellent numerical programming, two-dimensional graphic capabilities as well as automatic calculation of bending sequence and blank development. 3D graphic display is also available through an offline software program.

The Delem control has a tool library of punches and dies, a hand wheel for manual control of axes and an internal storage program that is expandable or connected to a network.

In addition to the first borne XP25, the X-Press range includes press brake at 50t, 100t and 150t capacity.

Other features of the X-Press include:

* Extended cylinder stroke of 300mm stroke

* Extended daylight of 500mm

* Extended throat of 500mm

* Higher speeds

* New structure and cylinder design.

Working speeds are as follows - approach speed 200mm/sec, working speed 10mm/sec and return speed 170mm/sec.

Positioning precision of Y axis is ±0.01mm, X-axis has a 600mm stroke, speed of 320 mm/sec, axis precision of ±0.05mm and repeatability of ±0.02mm. X5-X6 axes (used for oblique bending) speed is 200mm/sec, while the R-axis has a stroke of 200mm and speed of 175 mm/sec.

On central and lateral bends, a dynamic self alignment crowning system comes into effect without any requirement for operator intervention (ACSG1 patent system).

A 'REFLEX' frame deflection compensation function provides a constant bending angle, even at length variation or on sheets with holes (patented).

Type AIC intermediate pneumatic clamps (patented) allow front insert of tools with standard attachments, as they provide automatic alignment of top tools and are equipped with grippers for tight clamp on sectionalised tools. They also allow partial removal on particular jobs. Bottom die clamps are pneumatic ABC.

To safeguard operators plus ensure maximum protection of the working area, a safety system type laser beam has an adjustable height in accordance to the top tool mounted.

This laser system also provides an autoblanking function to allow box bending in fast speed mode, auto-release in case of an accidental hit and a quick disappearing safety system to allow side insert or extraction of tools.

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