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Press brake antideflection system.

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article image Reduces downtime and improves accuracy.

ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies has released the Wila Moducrown antideflection system. It uses a system of graduated waves to quickly and accurately adjust the press brake's bed, particularly on Finn-Power machines.

The system cuts out much of the downtime caused by manual handling and improves the accuracy of the bend at the same time. Manual shimming is difficult and limited to human accuracy. With Moducrown, the effects of deflection can be eliminated in seconds. It also allows the same test piece to be used many times, reducing wastage of raw materials.

The effects of deflection are eliminated with a pair of graduated, computer-machined waves which begin in what is referred to as the zero position.

As the lower wave is adjusted laterally against the upper wave, the Moducrown automatically levels the press brake bed proportionately from end to end, without shimming.

From the very first time it is used, the Moducrown device can be compensated for small inaccuracies in the brake's bed by tweaking push-pull knobs. After that it operates from a single point for easy compensation.

Units can be customised to accept Promecam-style tooling and American-style tooling next to the standard WILA tooling, either with hydraulic clamping or manual clamping. Frontal support arms may also be added.

Manual models are adjusted by turning a hand crank while automated models are compensated through the press brake's CNC controller. The Moducrown can be manufactured in virtually any length and for any brand of press brake, new or used.

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