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article image Can be used to create a robotised bending cell.

GASPARINI, represented by Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies , has released PBS and PSG press brakes with high bending accuracy and a long life. The solidly welded structures give a high level of stability during production.

The press brakes can be synchronised with robots to create a robotised bending cell that converts a standalone press brake into an automated working station. The high level of programmability allows them to cope equally with small lots and large series.

3D SimulEasy software allows the bending cell to be reproduced on a PC. Tandem and tridem configurations are possible with the PBS and PSG series respectively. The PBS range goes from 45t 165t with lengths from 1600mm to 8000mm. The PSG series ranges from 200t to 1000t with lengths from 3000mm to 6000mm.

An active crowning unit, with fully automatic positioning, ensures there is never a need for correction. A proportional compensation system for frames deflection allows any bend to be made with a constant angle, regardless of the length of the workpiece. The bending angle setting can be controlled in real time.

Standard CE supports are fitted with height adjustment and quick release. The systems also have front support arms with aluminium profiles. It is possible to fit disappearing stops, brushes, balls, and protractor. Hemming dies can be used as the equipment has sliding front support arms along the entire length of the machine and a pneumatic raising of the working table. AIC20 pneumatic clamps (up to 300t) and AIC25 (400t) permit clamping and rapid replacement of tools without intermediate tool clamps. Hydraulic tool clamps can be replaced quickly and aligned automatically.

The back gauge is capable of frontal movement of back gauge fingers, CNC control, and making conical bends. Structural features include movement on ball screw guides, brushless motors, transmissions on high precision ground racks, and ball screws.

Delem numerical controls are based on Windows CE and can be integrated with network systems. New ESA numerical controls are based on Windows CE and can be integrated with network systems.

The software for bending simulation permits optimisation of the bending sequence and cycle timing. Calculation of the bending sequences is totally automatic. Machine parameters are totally managed and it is possible to create and save numerical and 2D graphic programs.

Intermediate tool holders have increased heights for the production of boxes. Sheet follow up devices allow the processing of both medium and large sheets. These are controlled by CNC and synchronised with the bending axes.

Other features include safety devices with CE laser band, CE safety light barriers, single beam laser safety device, and standard intermediate tool holder with manual clamping.

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