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Optical sensor betters lasers

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A FABRICATED sheet parts inspection system capable of 250,000 sampled digital points per square inch uses a new technology, true vertical view (TVV) high density optical sensor, instead of conventional multi-camera or laser scanning.

MetroVision Measuring Scanner, distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies (AST), recognises slanted, countersunk and rounded holes and edges, hence always delivering a true reading of intricately cut components.

With an unconditional accuracy to ±0.025mm when measuring typically flat parts within a typical shop environment, the system is also highly suitable for Quality Assurance purposes and it compares a fabricated part with its CAD file or performs reverse engineering to create a CAD file.

Sensor elements in the MetroVision system view from the perpendicular to an object surface so its accuracy is not affected by edges that have been rounded by tool impact and breakout, edges slanting in shearing, laser or water jet cutting, holes smaller than the part thickness, or countersunk holes.

Essentially, the exclusive TVV technology allows precise and accurate scanning that is not affected by:

* Edge characteristics - deformations produced during the fabrication process.

* Material thickness - up to 50mm.

* Hole size or shape.

Managing director of AST, Ingo Bentrup, says the MetroVision is unlike multi-camera scanners and laser scanners which scan a fabricated part with an angular field of view, hence slants in holes and on edges are recorded as flat-surface areas rather than sloping planes.

"They cannot sense or make compensations for these constants in the fabrication industry," said Mr Bentrup.

TVV is achieved throughout the entire surface of the inspection table by using precision-aligned high density optical sensors.

Producing precise carriage displacement of camera/lens unit across the entire table it give an accuracy/repeatability of measurements with uninhibited hole detection regardless of thickness.

Complementing the total accuracy of the system is the proprietary MetroView Software that enables reverse engineering with minimal or no touch-up, and exportable .dxf CAD files.

Inspection reports are generated in MS Excel, and meaningful SPC data and charts in MS Access.

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