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New FINN-POWER technology launch at EMO 2005

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FINN-POWER released several new technologies at the recent EMO industrial show in Germany. These are available in Australia and New Zealand through regional distributor, Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies .

Among these newly launched units were the 230kN X5 hydraulic turret punch press; a new-series 2 B 3060 hydraulic press brake with an O-frame construction for a long stroke, with almost unlimited throat depth and extended work area; and the BC Series bending machine with heightened automation.

X5 turret punch press

The new hydraulic 230 kN X5 turret punch press operates in a working area of 1,250mm x 2,500mm without requirements for repositioning.

A key feature relates to customisation, as the client can choose from options to make the machine more closely match production requirements.

X5 has a robust O-frame and a twenty-station turret. Seventeen tool holders have been specified and three are free for customer selection. Index or Multi-Tools can be chosen. Maximum tool diameter is 88.9mm.

While the turret punch press offers full 230 kN punching throughout the punching stroke, it also embodies CNC programmable continuous speed control of the punching. Individual electronic control of stroke depth eliminates the need for manual shimming after tool sharpening.

Highly accurate digital punch control ensures efficiency when using special tools and applications, such as in forming.

Due to adaptive hydraulics, punching operation is continuous even in prolonged heavy-duty production and in high ambient temperatures.

Solutions for both software and manual operations in loading and unloading have been designed with operator ease in mind.

Control is the latest version of Fanuc 0 iP. Only a simple push is needed to load larger sheets against an X pin.

For loading smaller sheets, another X pin and one of five alternative table positions is used to ensure easy operation. Clamps have pneumatic central locking, operated either by a foot switch or automated with the auto-clamp option.

Press brake 2 B 3060

While providing maximum productivity and flexibility, the FINN-POWER press brake 2 B 3060 has a unique O-frame construction that is extremely stable, ensuring perfect tool alignment and allowing long parts to be bent without limitations of throat depth.

This construction enables more tool settings, since the back gauge fingers can move over the whole bending length. The back gauge itself comprises five independent axes. The machine features 240 tons of force and an exceptionally long stroke of 450mm.

BC Series semi-automatic bending centres

The new range of the BC Series semi-automatic bending centres comprises both hydraulic and servo electric constructions to provide the benefits of precision equitable to that of the FINN-POWER Express Bender.

With BC, the possibility of automatic bending has been extended to new applications such as fully perforated material or sheets with big forms.

Maximum bending length varies from 1,650mm to 2,550mm depending on the model and maximum sheet thickness from 2.0mm to 3.2mm (Fe 37). Maximum bend height is 200mm.

Loading operation is simultaneous with the unloading function to achieve shorter cycle time. The parts to be processed are transferred automatically from an external table, ensuring full safety for the operator.

An automatic clamp feeder moves the part to be bent from the table to the manipulator. When all bends have been made, an automatic pusher conveyor unloads bent parts to the unloading table with automatic buffer function.

With the automatic tool change option, set-up change becomes fully automatic when the component to be bent is changed.

The BC bending centre can be customised using the wide range of FINN-POWER options such as automatic tool change, additional upper tool and additional short blade.

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