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New E5x Compact Express Electric Turret Punch Press from Maxitec for Sheetmetal Fabrication

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Maxitec  offers a new entry level sheetmetal fabrication machine with sophisticated features.  

The new E5x Compact Express is a compact, high-performance servo electric turret punch press that offers fully automated material handling capabilities to perform multiple tasks such as bending, forming, tapping and marking.  

Suitable for small and medium-level sheetmetal fabricators, the electric turret punch press is manufactured by leading global developer Finn-Power.  

The E5x Compact Express electric turret punch press eliminates hydraulics by using servo-electric punching technology together with programmable punch modes, stepless adjustment of speed and position as well as accurate forming.  

With fast punching speed and fully adjustable in both directions, the Finn Power E5x has a position above the sheet that is fully adjustable (S value) and a position under the sheet that is fully adjustable (P value).  

The electric turret punch press handles a maximum sheet weight of 200kg and maximum sheet thickness of 8mm with brush tables, helping it to achieve a silent, scratch-free sheet motion with best sheet support.  

Optional lifting brushes provide extra safety for sensitive materials while optional vertically moving sheet supports make it easy to move heavy sheets on the table surface during loading.  

Twin advantages of low energy consumption and low maintenance costs, quantifiable by Maxitec’s user-specific ROI analysis make the sheetmetal fabrication machine a good investment.  

Key features of E5x Compact Express electric turret punch press 

  • Space-saving design with the unloading integrated in the machine table
  • Simultaneous unloading and loading cycles mean minimum interruption of productive processing
  • Compact 1250mm x 2500mm working area that requires no repositioning of the job piece
  • Provides high accuracy and productivity while operating in a tight workspace footprint
  • Single water-cooled servo motor operates on a ball screw for its linear movement and a pneumatic RAM return movement
  • One-sided wedge system with high static force in forming facilitates low tonnage load for mechanics
  • Closed-circuit water cooling ensures operation in high ambient temperatures
  • Pneumatic clamps with central locking and sheet security monitoring centres provide a safe production and fast setup
  • Sheet loading is assisted by a 5-position moving table, simplifying loading for all sheet sizes and facilitating higher productivity through faster operation
  • Turret with a total of 20 stations enables customisation
  • User-friendly touch screen operations, standard Windows functions, USB port and 100Mbs Ethernet for data transfer

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