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Modular Wall Systems utilise press brakes and guillotines from Maxitec

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Maxitec  supply press brakes and guillotines. Modular Wall Systems consulted Maxitec for an appropriate equipment to expand their capacities and for ongoing technical support. Modular Wall Systems are selling the equipment to various industries including roads and construction, mining, general industrial in and around factories as well as the lucrative commercial and domestic building sectors.

Press brakes and guillotines have upright metal posts which link modular sandwich panels and are manufactured from 1mm sheet metal. These press brakes and guillotines feature bend profiles, which gives metal posts maximum strength. According to Maxitec, their bending technology used by Modular Wall Systems is fast, accurate and provides the repeatability.

Maxitec observe that once they had engineered the suitable bend profile for their wall posts, the press brake locks in coordinates for each bend sequence and the client can produce these over and over again, know how long each takes to make, and therefore can act with full cost breakdowns for each job.

Generally, these 1mm gauge posts are 4.5m high and sit directly in the ground. Posts taller than 4.5m use an internal sleeve and not a concrete base. Maxitec have developed steel posts for optimum strength and also worked on maximising rust prevention. The product line is industrial-strength, lightweight or simple to use and the panelling can be handled by one or two people.

By developing the walling system, Modular Wall Systems have eliminated the need for bricklayers, renderers, earthmoving equipment and strip footings. The walling system is light in weight and both the composite panel technology as well as steel uprights have good rigidity.

According to Modular Wall Systems, the uptake of this technology has been fast mainly because it counters some of the long-standing problems suffered by traditional methods in building walls and partitions. Modular Wall Systems observe that it has become difficult to enter difficult terrain and build walls out of bricks or concrete because heavy materials make the work environment relatively dangerous.

Lightweight modular sections are suitable for the mining industry. Modular Wall Systems note that a small digger was required while doing a partition project for Newman Mine. Composite panels account for the majority of their products, but the structural work is done by the support posts. Modular sections are simple to install as there is no heavy lifting equipment and no cranes.

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