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article image Add finish to production.

ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies has been appointed exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand of the Kuhlmeyer range of belt grinding machines for the metalworking industries.

Manufactured in Germany, the machines are supplied in many variations to suit applications across these two markets.

Managing director of Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies, Ingo Bentrup, says the addition of Kuhlmeyer machines to the company's range has significantly increased the scope for its clients to add that finish to production.

"Many companies still use manual techniques to achieve a final look to a manufactured workpiece," said Mr Bentrup.

"This is fine in small quantities, but as workflow increases, for the sake of accuracy, quality and expediency many operators are turning to this type of equipment to gain efficiency."

Machines to be distributed by Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies include:

* Edge and bevel grinding machines for seam preparation before welding. Type KFS automatic edge and bevel grinding machines for heavy machine building, shop building, tank building, bridge building and general construction. The Type UKF universal edge beveller for steel service centres, cable cars and vehicle building industry. Type FF bevel belter for railway carriage industry and the vehicle building industry.

* Automatic grinding for welded corners and edges. Type BBK1/2 for automaticallly grinding of one corner, type BBK2 for automatic grinding of two corners, Type BBK4 for automatic grinding of four corners, and Type ZBS twin belt grinding machine for manual corner preparation.

* Portable belt grinding machines for bulky workpieces. Type PBM Portal-Belt Grinding Machine for food processing stainless steel enclosures and tanks. Type PZM Portal-Twin Belt Grinding Machine for the chemical industry, stoves, kitchen and catering machines, as well as industrial washing machines. Type SPB Rigid Bed - Portal-Belt Grinding Machine for steel walls in ship building, surface grinding on slabs, and concrete framework.

* Twin belt grinding machines for surface grinding. Type ZBS twin belt grinding machine, a Universal usable grinding machine with two belts. Type GS Large surface Grinding Machine for removal of scrapes and deckingrams on hot rolled sheets and plates, as well as uses in surface grinding on high alloyed, difficult to pickle, sheets and plates.

* Edge and surface polishing machines. Type UPM universal polishing machine for stainless steel decorative stripes, automotive interior covers, and stainless steel cover and panels. Type FPM and Type KPM automatic polisher for surface and edges on stainless steel sink units and stainless steel kitchen panels.

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