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article image Butfering Steelmaster Prima -- for large parts.

THREE metal deburring and grinding machines, with models for wet or dry operations, are now available from Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies .

Butfering Steelmaster Speedy (a dry machine for small parts) and Butfering Steelmaster Prima available in wet and dry models (for larger parts) are easy to operate and achieve fast results in general deburring of most metals, in oxidation removal, and in slag grinding.

During wet operation, different materials can be processed in one machine; abrasive belts, pressure rollers, conveyor belt and brushes are continuously cleaned by coolant water; parts are held firmly on a conveyor; and dust particles are immediately disposed into a closed circuit coolant system.

The wet operation produces an exceptionally high quality finish.

During dry operation, no water marks appear on stainless steel or aluminium; excellent results are achieved on stainless steel parts; paper-backed belts ensure low tool cost; and the machines facilitate excellent dust extraction into a dust collector.

Areas of application include:

* Removal of oxidation after laser cutting.

* Constant edge rounding during sheet metal deburring.

* Deburring of upformed or tabbed parts.

* Deburring of galvanised steel without removal of coating.

* Deburring of PVC-coated materials without coating damage.

* Uniform deburring of edges with newly developed ECS deburring system.

* Easy brush change for decorative finishes.

Overall advantages include deburring without surface distortion, uniform rounding on all edges, through-feed system, ability to put different material in one machine, and access to wet or dry models.

Butfering Steelmaster Speedy is suitable for small parts as its working width is 200-300-650mm, and workpiece thickness 0-200mm. A compact construction allows single person operation, low tooling costs, and both abrasive or scotch belts can be used.

The unit allows a high through-feed speed, its brushes are simple to change, a magnet in table suits very small parts, it has interchangeable contact rollers and brushes, and can operate up to three grinding heads and two brushes.

Butfering Steelmaster Prima for larger parts has working widths 950-1100-1350 and a workpiece thickness of 0-150mm (wet 0-120mm). It is also simple to operate, allows quick change of top or cylindrical brushes, and uses abrasive and scotch belts.

Allowing the use of up to four grinding/brush heads, Prima can be integrated into automatic sheet metal processing lines, it has a high through-feed speed and can perform deburring, grinding and oxidation removal in one machine.

Oxidation removal is possible from edges and surfaces on parts up to 10mm thick which is processed by the brushes during through-feeding. The oxide is extracted into a dust collector during operation and filtered during wet operation.

Advantages include: elimination of expensive cutting gases, clean inner and outer edges, surface cleaning without grinding, perfect lacquering and powder coating, clean zinc baths, faster laser cutting speed, and perfect preparation for end-welding.

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