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Maxitec’s Heavy Plate Benders Now Work in Upstroke and Downstroke Movements

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article image Bi-directional folding beam on the MAK 4 Evo eliminates arduous part flipping

A new heavy plate bending machine is now available from sheet metal machinery expert Maxitec that incorporates a bi-directional folding beam designed to eliminate any need to flip over a part.  

Designed to replace the much simpler press brake technology, the Schröder MAK 4 EVO UD sheet and plate folding machines offer multiple operational and performance advantages.  

A bi-directional folding beam facilitates faster setup, precise dimensional part accuracy, excellent angular part accuracy, superior ergonomics, single person operation, better safety and part repeatability. Additionally, it eliminates whip-up and provides mar-free forming.  

Schröder’s heavy plate benders base their performance on the POS3000 Sheet Metal Designer operator control, a production management system that the operator uses to directly interface with the bender.  

The advanced control system in the sheetmetal benders automatically calculates the most efficient method of part manipulation, axis positioning and tool setup.  

The bi-directional bending process allows operators a standard workaround of 180mm on the MAK 4, one of the largest forming areas available for this process type.  

The MAK 4 plate benders achieve a high level of flexibility and ergonomics with a U-shaped sophisticated back gauge allowing the machine to attain perfection in precision and complex geometric shapes.  

Schröder MAK 4 EVO UD also features twin ball-screw drives, steel or nylon ball transfers, solid gauging fingers and pop-up stops that simplify handling of even the largest parts.  

Schröder MAK 4 EVO UD heavy plate benders also feature these capabilities: 

  • Back gauge fingers pneumatically ‘pop-up’ in rows 850mm apart
  • Programmable fingers drop below the gauge deck for easy part manipulation
  • Sheet support surface is outfitted with brushes, steel or nylon ball transfers
  • Pneumatic pop-up squaring arms are optionally available at multiple locations across the width of the gauging table
  • Gauge pans are removable to accommodate parts with negative geometries
  • Control system displays part placement relative to gauge fingers, squaring arms and U-shape
  • Finger height is relative to the maximum gauge thickness to reach over larger bend radii
  • Grip gauging systems are available for sheet metal or plates up to 12mm thick
  • Used in conjunction with the auto-sequence function of the POS3000, parts are held in place by grippers and effortlessly fed through the forming sequence
  • Tool positioning is automatically optimised by the control system

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