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Maxitec offers Finn-Power E5 Compact Express Sheetmetal Fabrication Machines for SME Fabricators

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article image Maxitec offers Finn-Power E5 Compact Express Sheetmetal Fabrication Machine

Finn-Power E5 Compact Express distributed by Maxitec is an entry-level line of sheetmetal fabrication machines, helping SMEs with automated sheet handling in multipurpose fabrication technology.  

The Finn-Power E5 Compact Express is now viewed by SME fabricators in Australia and NZ as a breakthrough world-class technology that meets budgets and space availability.  

Offering excellent sheet handling ability, the new E5 Compact Express sheetmetal fabrication machines provide smaller businesses with affordable yet sophisticated loading and handling capabilities together with a compact, high-performance servo electric turret punch press with fully automated material handling capabilities.  

The new sheetmetal fabrication machines are designed to equip Australian SME fabricators with a multipurpose machine for bending, forming, tapping and marking. The machine is ideal for small fabrication shops seeking to introduce some level of automation in their operation.  

Sheet separation is ensured by using a three-way method. Magnets in a loading table separate sheets on the stack, a corner lifter in a gripper removes double sheets, and air blow secures separating function.  

When the sheet has been processed, it is placed on a moving machine table. The moving table delivers the sheet, skeleton and parts to the top of the unloading table. Parts and skeletons are pushed to an unloading table, while the moving table returns to its normal position.  

The E5 Compact Express has the capability for long-term unmanned production cycles, allowing its use in ‘lights out’ operations while enabling redeployment of personnel to other duties during the automated process.  

Key features of E5 Compact Express sheetmetal fabrication machines: 

  • Available with 20-ton and 30-ton punching force with fully programmable punching and upforming stroke (NC-axis)
  • Raw material sheets are loaded using pneumatic suction cups in a gripper during sheet loading
  • Horizontal and vertical gripper movements are actuated by electrical motors with brake and inverter drive
  • Eliminates manual handling to provide fast and accurate sheet loading for all purposes
  • Loading table has 300mm movement out of its position to provide easier positioning of sheet stacks
  • Unique 3-way method for sheet separation
  • Double sheets are detected in every loading cycle to ensure uninterrupted loading cycle and machine function
  • Every sheet is squared to ensure optimal sheet position and loading accuracy
  • Sheets can be used from edge to edge and quality of all production is excellent
  • Unloading table with scissor movement to provide optimal unloading height for all parts and skeletons
  • Automatic loading and unloading makes it possible to use several combinations of automatic and manual loading and unloading cycles
  • Low electric connection, consumption and maintenance costs enable economic operation
  • Extremely compact size and small foot print make it easy to place in every facility
  • Unloading of processed components is semi-automatic with the machine placing the components in a freely programmable position on the table
  • During automatic operation, sheets are loaded from a loading table to the clamps of the turret punch press
  • Ready sheets are unloaded using a moving table and carried out simultaneously while the loader is loading the next sheet
  • Processed sheets can be stacked on an unloading table located below the moving table
  • Loading table works at optimal operating height and has large loading sheet stack capacity of 350mm H x 3,000kg weight
  • Scissor table with large unloading capacity for integrated unloading in the machine table
  • Uninterrupted machine run during material changes

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