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Maxitec introduce the Finn-Power LST sorter for sheet metal fabrication

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article image The Finn-Power LST sorter

For sheet metal fabricators in a growth spurt operating a mix of stand-alone machines, Maxitec have introduced an automated sorting, loading and stacking system to take them to the next level.

The Finn-Power LST sorter is for the business that has grown beyond the capacities of a C6 Compact Express unit and needs a technology beyond one that knocks parts from a skeleton.

The Finn-Power LST sorter is good for the operators with a few stand-alone sheet metal machines to increase their usability. This equipment is also very scalable.

It is capable of loading sheets to the machine, picking up parts from the machine and stacking them to a programmed coordinate. This means many different cuts can be made from one blank and the machine will know which finished piece needs to be stacked in which pile.

With a compact size and very small footprint, the LST sorter is simple to place in any factory because its material flow goes in one direction.

With a loading capacity, 300mm stack height and maximum load of 3000kg, the unit operates using sheet separation magnets. This sorter has a corner lifter on its loader gripper to separate individual sheets, and operates an air blower for further sheet separation.

Twenty six different programmable suction areas ensure a good grip for different part shapes and sheet sizes. A sheet measuring device detects double sheets; servo drivers allow fast axis movements with high acceleration; while integrated unloading is possible in the machine table.

Various combinations are possible between manual and automatic machine operations. A manual loading side exists for temporary manual machine use.

During sheet loading, raw material sheets are loaded using pneumatic suction cups in the gripper. Gripper movements, horizontal and vertical, are actuated by servo motors. This provides fast and accurate sheet loading for all purposes.

A 3-way method facilitates sheet separation. Magnets in the loading table separate sheets on the stack; a corner lifter in a gripper removes double sheets, and then air blower completes the separating function.

For more expedient part picking, parts can be picked up in front of the turret by using two methods. One method punches the part loose before picking it up. Using the other option, the part is gripped before the last punch to make it loose. Three moving gripper bars make it easy to pick up parts inside a skeleton.

During sorting, parts are stacked in the stacking table to programmable coordinates by using a ‘free fall’ method. The gripper will go down to the maximum stack and drop the part to the stack. Three moving gripper bars have a total of 1200mm area movement in the Y-direction. This makes it possible to sort the parts into several different positions in the Y-direction without moving the wagon under the gripper.

When a sheet has been processed, it is placed on the moving machine table. This moving table delivers a skeleton or unloaded sheet to the top of the unloading table. Parts and skeletons are pushed to the unloading table, while the moving table returns to its normal position.

An unloading table with scissor movement provides optimal unloading height for all parts and skeletons.

Double sheets are detected in every loading cycle to ensure uninterrupted loading cycle and machine function. This is recommended when oily sheet or thin material is being processed.

Also available are various loading tables, sorting tables, unloading devices and safety systems.

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