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Maxitec distribute JETCAM Orders Controller Lite software tool for sheetmetal manufacturers

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Sheetmetal manufacturers have been given a tool to more efficiently gather inventory parts and assemblies during production. The JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) Lite, distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by Maxitec , is suitable in operations utilising nesting sequences to maximise the output and reduce multiple handling. JOC Lite is a low cost product allowing 2D sheet metal parts or assemblies to be remotely ordered into a JETCAM Expert CADCAM system, a software system used globally by sheetmetal fabricators.

According to Andrew Bentrup, Sales and Marketing Manager of Maxitec, JOC Lite is a new way to free production managers from the laborious and time consuming task of manually matching inventories with job sequences. JOC Lite eliminates human error out of the equation as it instantly recognises what parts are needed for each job nesting on the production line. It knows instantly what items are required and puts the order through accurately and notifies the production line software exactly what is on the way. It even reports back across the production line to provide a convenient cross reference for managers.

JOC Lite provides users with a simple to use interface that allows multiple work sheets to be created, detailing comprehensive lists of parts or assemblies to be nested. This information is then passed to JETCAM Expert for nesting. A common configuration is for JOC Lite to be installed elsewhere within the company, usually with the production controller or shop floor manager. This person is then able to queue up a list of orders of components or assemblies over one or more works order lists. When ready, these can then be passed automatically to JETCAM Expert for processing. Once the nesting is complete JETCAM Expert reports back to JOC Lite that the parts have been nested. A series of reports can also be viewed on screen.

JOC Lite also benefits from an easy installation and learning curve. During setup, all required settings are read from the existing JETCAM Expert setup. Users can learn all the functions of JOC Lite in less than an hour with all main capabilities usable in minutes with minimal training.

JOC compliments existing user of JETCAM Expert well by allowing the separation of common tasks. Production managers can take control of workloads with a simple, dedicated application. JOC Lite can be installed by the customer and requires very little training therefore provides a quick and easy solution to a common production problem.

JOC Lite is the entry level version of JOC Premium, which provides integration into JETCAM’s RCP (Remote Control Processing) module for fully unmanned operation. JOC Premium also provides specific support for aerospace cutting technologies, along with other features including multi user support, an advanced reporting engine, material management, process management (for tracking the next manufacturing process for each job) and automatic importing/processing of CAD files.

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