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Maxitec discuss benefits of automation over manual processes

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According to Maxitec , operating multiple machines with one operator is beneficial. Automation eliminates manual processes, enables the operator to supervise several machines simultaneously, allows re-deployment of personnel previously spread across a series of machines and lowers insurance costs as a result of reduced exposure to injury scenarios.

Automation allows the management to take on more orders, keeps employees in work and re-positions the business to base its expansion on machinery investment followed by personnel. A manual punch press enables a sheet cycle to run for about four minutes and requires constant attention from the operator.

However, when using a fully automated machine to perform the same task, an operator does not have to supervise as the machine performs the total order, guarded by safety barriers and sensors.

Non-manual machinery allows two to four hours of continuous running and the operator can move away, perform other tasks and return at the end of the procedure to unload or load the next batch. Therefore, the operator is free to perform other technical tasks while the machine operates. Maxitec note that automation eliminates the act of waiting for the machine and lifting sheets of steel repeatedly. Automation enables a business to move away from strenuous labour and lets the machine to load and unload.

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