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article image Metalix-cncKad supports the entire cycle of CNC operations.

ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies is now distributing a widely-integratable CAD/CAM software for punch/laser and plasma machines that handles geometry from almost all programs on a large variety of machines.

Metalix-cncKad operates flawlessly if a business designs its parts using a Solid Modeler such as SolidWorks, SolidEdge or Inventor, as it is integrated with the Solid Modeler - therefore there is no need for any dxf or similar files.

Likewise, for those operators designing parts using AutoCAD, Metalix-cncKad can read dwg files. In addition, dxf, iges as well as CADL and others can also be imported.

When using Metalix to create the geometry, the task is simplified as its Sheetmetal-orientated commands make it extremely easy to draw parts.

Whichever the source of the geometry, the work can be validated, automatically corrected (correct bad contours, duplicates and more), analysed (for example, how many round holes, square holes, etc) and modified (for example, change all oval holes of 1.5mm x 0.5mm to 1.75mm x 0.375mm).

At this point, the job is ready for processing - punch, laser, plasma or combination.

The list of processing features is extensive and includes AutoPunch, AutoCut, automatic reposition, automatic clamp avoidance and common-cuts for punch and for laser.

Once the part has been processed, making a multi-part sheet involves merely choosing the sheet size and generating NC. Macros are automatically created (unless a long but better optimised NC is needed).

If a nested sheet with different parts is desired, an AutoNest function is also capable of generating Group Arrays with Macros.

Reports in Word format are available and they can easily be customised.

Metalix-cncKad supports the entire cycle of CNC operations and includes drafting, automatic and interactive processing modes, post processing, graphic simulation of CNC programs, manual or automatic nesting and downloading/uploading of NC files.

Files can be transferred from Solid Works and Autodesk Inventor using a real-time associative link and read directly from AutoCAD files.

The software has a powerful solution for quick creation of NC files and transferring of products from one technology or machine type to another.

It is an affordable, user-friendly product that comes complete with comprehensive documentation and an automatic installation procedure.

Metalix has an integrated system covering the complete cycle of CNC operation including drafting, processing, combination machines, parametric programming, punch technology, cutting technology and auto nesting.


A powerful, yet easy to use, 2D drafting module is included. In addition to a full set of drafting tools, Metalix-cncKad supports special sheet-metal drafting aids including notching - rectangular, oval or triangular, chamfering, rounding of complete contour, shapes detection, editing and geometry validation.

It can automatically detect and correct unclosed contours, insert any Windows font for cutting and punching and import dxf, iges, CADL, dwg and other standard file formats.


Metalix includes automatic and interactive processing for all technologies - punch, laser, plasma, flame, waterjet and milling.

Jobs can be ported to a different machine and/or technology with a few clicks of the mouse, for example, from punching machines to laser machines. This is accomplished with the integrated post-processing module. Work flow is optimised by eliminating superfluous computer files.

Combination machines

Combination machines such as punch/laser punch/plasma or punch/shear are supported by Metalix-cncKad, including commands for sorting and stacking devices attached to the machines.

Parametric programming

It offers users the option of creating Parametric Part Definition files (PPDs) - master part files that are used to create a 'family' of parts that vary from each other by parameters such as size and holes.

PPDs are written in VisualBasic for cncKad and allow the creation of very powerful Parametric Parts using a virtually unlimited number of parameters and supporting a large variety of requirements.

Punch technology

The punching module includes support for Auto-Punch, special tools, auto-indexing, automatic reposition and common cuts.

Advanced punch technologies

Metalix incorporates unique advanced technologies to support advanced machines and skilled users - clamp avoidance, strips, trim, single clamp movement, Wilson Wheel family support, minimise tool rotation and tool path optimisation.

Cutting technology

The cutting module includes support for automatic contour check and correction auto-cut, beam width definition and auto compensation, corner loops and corner, slow down, and Z-axis control.

Advanced cut technologies

Metalix-cncKad provides the ability to fully use any machine's capabilities - piercing type and position setting, fonts cutting, cutting direction (CW/CCW), engraving text/entities, auto entry point, rapid tool path crash avoidance and tool-path optimisation.

Auto nesting

The product's auto nesting module, AutoNest, is an automatic and powerful 'True Shape' nesting tool. AutoNest includes a full range of versatile methods for optimising sheet usage.

Its features include:

* Interactivity - placing, dragging, rotating, mirror duplicating and 'shooting' a part - all with a click of the mouse. User overrides during the automatic process are included.

* Group - group any number of parts to simplify further manipulation.

* Multiple material nests - create nests from parts of different materials, where each part is automatically sorted to its appropriate nest.

* Hole filling - identifies interior holes in the part and fills them with compatible parts from the parts list.

* Multiple sheets - automatic generation of required number of nests and generating a report specifying number of sheets per nest.

* Data reports - detailed reports include nesting data, part data, job time and tools setup, material description and other production related data. Select the report format - doc, rtf, txt etc - and customise to suit the company’s needs.

* Post-processing NC files generation - advanced post processors generate efficient code including sub-routines, macros, optimised tool path and minimal turret rotation, and support for machine operations such as oiling, vacuum and ram-rate.

* Graphic simulation of CNC programs - Metalix supports graphic simulation of any CNC program, including legacy programs previously written on the machine. It enables easy editing of CNC programs while viewing the processed sheet. The CNC program is automatically checked for errors, for example, missing parameters, clamp errors and over-travel errors.

* NC to draft - legacy NC files can be converted to drawings.

* DNC - uploading/downloading of NC files to machines. Support for batch loading and for extracting NC files from the machine controller is included.

* 3D CAD interface - the CAD link enables one-click real-time transfer of parts from 3D design systems to cncKad, bypassing the need for intermediate files such as dxfs. The link is completely associative, enabling updating previously transferred files while retaining any processing definitions they currently include (tooling, MicroJoints, etc).

* Tube cutting - the product supports laser/plasma/flame machines equipped with a CNC rotary axis head, enabling cutting parametrically defined intersections between tubes and between a tube and a plane. It also supports single-sided, double-sided or lapped intersections using a simple graphic interface.

* Language support - Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Taiwanese, Thai and Turkish. Support for additional languages can easily be added.

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