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Loading and unloading robot

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article image Robotic unloading and stacking system.

ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies has released a robot loading and unloading systems for the Finn Power E series of automated workstations. It provides automatic loading and accurate, scratch-free stacking of components that are manufactured without microjoints.

It has a gantry robot with suction cup gripper for loading and stacking of components larger than 180mm x 1500mm and a loading wagon for blank sheet stacking. It also has an unloading clamp and unloading wagon for managing sheet skeletons and a stacking wagon for components. Stacking addresses are freely programmable for the whole stacking area, handling up to 3500kg loads.

The suction cup gripper is designed to allow versatility while still making it possible to automate component handling, even with formed work pieces. The front part of the gripper is activated in sections to hold a component during the final nibbling strokes. Once the work piece is detached the gripper moves it onto the programmed stack and the sheet is positioned in order to continue punching.

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