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Laser cutting lens with triple lifespan

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article image Black magic suits all popular laser brands.

ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand of Ophir laser optic products including Duralens and 'Black Magic' Duralens laser focusing lenses, and other optics such as mirrors and output coupler.

The new Black Magic is a low absorption lens developed to cope with the high density power outputs often causing problems in the newer, higher power laser cutting machines.

Expecting to last two to three times longer between lens changes than standard industry optics, the main attributes of the range are:

* Arguably the lowest absorption rate on the market (<0.15%).

* Increased cutting speed.

* A saving of up to 20% in gas consumption.

* Double the lifetime of a standard lens.

* Excellent ability to withstand back spatter.

* Lower maintenance - extended interval between lens cleaning.

* Radioactive free 'environmentally safer' black coating.

Named 'Black Magic' due to its black tint appearance, the product is an extremely low-absorption zinc selenide focusing lens that dissipates heat build up absorbed from industrial CO2 lasers, while maintaining an optimum beam quality and longer lens life.

Managing director of Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies, Ingo Bentrup, says that because this focus lens has an absorption rate well below 0.2% it can work to its full potential in the rapidly developing world of laser cutting.

"Standard focusing lenses with an absorption level between 0.25%-0.2% experience a higher level of heat build up which is likely to stress and possible crack the lens, prematurely causing unplanned downtime and the cost of sourcing a new lens.

"Black Magic has consistency, durability and longevity to even facilitate those cutting operations which run round-the-clock shifts or very high demand."

The Black Magic range suits all popular brands of laser including FINN-POWER, Bystronic, Trumpf, Laser Lab, Mazak, Amada, Bristow and Cincinnati.

Other expected gains include shorter pierce times, faster feed rates, lower cutting gas consumption and greater confidence in operator control.

Black Magic can be used to cut most metals, with optimum performance in metals like stainless steel and aluminium, while providing consistently good edge quality amid high feed rates.

Generally, users in overseas markets have demonstrated increased cutting speeds by 7.5% on thin steel and 15% on thick steel. On thick stainless, speed increases range between 50%-80% without compromising cut quality.

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