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JETCAM releases version 15.59.14 of its Expert CADCAM nesting software

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JETCAM International has released JETCAM Expert 15.59.14 – its CADCAM and nesting software for all CNC punching and profiling machines.

JETCAM Expert 15.59.14 contains considerable improvements across all cutting technologies and continues along the path of providing programming, machining time and material savings.

Improvements have been made across all areas of the software. CAD users now have enhanced support for digitiser tablets, improved CAD import and curve blending routines and back-end support to allow integration from VISTAGY’s FiberSIM.

Additions to the CAM section include expanded profiling corner slowdown capabilities, and new features for common-line cutting and hole destruction.

All four of JETCAM’s nesting modules have been further enhanced, with improvements to broken order logic, hole avoidance, off-sheet cutting and clustering. Across the board there have also been a number of minor enhancements, many specifically related to punching.

JETCAM Expert 15.59.14 is available from Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies.

Following several recent partnership announcements JETCAM has also integrated total support for all Zund knife cutters, OMAX waterjets and HangKwang laser machines. JETCAM’s support for all Finn-Power punch, laser and combination continues to be enhanced.

Commented Mike Weber, Managing Director of JETCAM International, “We have already answered the demand for automation for our profiling and routing customers. There are already several completely hands-off systems installed worldwide automatically generating nests and CNC programs based on information supplied by MRP system. This ethos has now been applied to punching – traditionally a much more difficult manufacturing process to automate. Due to increased demand our expanded development team is now focusing on this area and have a number of exciting developments in the pipeline for later this year.”

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