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Interlocking sheet metal components

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article image Snaplock tooling -- effective for most sheet metals.

SNAPLOCK tooling from Mate Precision Tooling, represented in Australia by Advanced Sheetmetal , creates fabricated assemblies efficiently and effectively, with CNC punch press precision.

Designed for fabricating connecting joints in sheet metal without welding, SnapLock is a lance and form application, which produces self-locking, spring loaded tabs that snap securely into pre-punched holes.

The small button in the top of the form is semi-sheared to provide a positive mechanical lock when engaged with a hole in the receiving tab. The tab and hole design locks the two components securely together without the need for welding or additional assembly operations.

Mate SnapLock provides fabricators with an innovative tooling option for creating cost-effective assemblies out of dissimilar materials and materials of varying thickness.

This eliminates secondary operations such as spot welding, riveting or fastening with threaded screws or other components.

Dissimilar materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, which are difficult or impossible to weld together efficiently, can be securely joined using SnapLock tooling.

Effective for most sheet metal materials and thicknesses, SnapLock tools can be manufactured to suit most tool styles and station sizes for maximum user flexibility.

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