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InspectVision Opti-Probe measuring machines available from Maxitec

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InspectVision planar optical probe has now been adapted into a separate stand-alone product for the manufacturing industry. This portable optical coordinate measuring machine known as Opti-Probe is distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by Maxitec and can be used for high accuracy parts inspection and reverse engineering.

The lightweight and portable Opti-Probe CMM uses a handheld probe in conjunction with a high-resolution camera. The probe has markers, which are imaged and located by the camera. Any image taken is then downloaded to a computer, which calculates the 3-D location of the device, allowing measurements to be taken.

The Opti-Probe CMM has no moving part or bulkiness, and nothing that can break or damage. The Opti-Probe CMM can be recalibrated on-site with little training, and can also be used to measure large (3mx2mx5m) or small volumes.

Stand-alone Opti-Probe is suitable for a variety of components and materials such as pressing, forgings, and mouldings. The materials that can be measured include metals, polymers, wood, glass and rubber. Large fabrications can be inspected because extra volume capacity enables the capture of the exact geometry of large items. No dedicated inspection area is required.

The Opti-Probe CMM is suitable for the reverse engineering of 3D parts. The geometry of tools, dies, robots and jigs can also be certified online by using the optic probe.

The Opti-Probe CMM is accurate up to 30µm, has a temperature compensated metallic core, and includes a wide range of measuring volumes from 1m3 to 50m3. The Opti-Probe CMM is robust and flexible and can be used in a factory environment.

The Opti-Probe CMM is a hand-held probe with optical markers that is light in weight and ergonomically designed. Markers are tracked by camera and location of the probe is calculated. Measurements are made by touching the object with the probe and pressing the trigger. An LCD screen shows the position of the probe. The probe can also be used as a mouse.

WIFI operation is possible without cables. The Opti-Probe CMM uses a high-resolution camera, is dustproof and has optional user configurable probe tips. A remote monitor screen on the probe, an upgrade to PowerInspect 3D software license, a heavy-duty carbon fibre tripod with camera mounting, additional battery pack, stylised special applications, a heavy duty travel case as well as various training courses are the available options.

PowerInspect Lite software compares against all mainstream CAD formats, allows rapid alignment for complex freeform shapes, allows inspection of user defined sections and gives the ability to inspect along edge parts.

With full geometric inspection capabilities, the PowerInspect Lite software also provides the automatic creation of inspection features from CAD nominals, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, point, wireframe and surface export for measured entities and CAD manipulation.

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