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Hinge knuckle creation tool

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HINGE Tooling from US-based Mate Precision Tooling, represented in Australia by Advanced Sheet Metal , creates hinge knuckles on fabricated metal enclosures and similar products with CNC punch press precision.

By incorporating hinges into these products, the need for separate hinge components and assembly is eliminated.

The new Mate Hinge Tooling is designed with a rugged one-piece upper tool and a lower assembly that allows the tool to bottom out.

The tool design produces cleanly contoured knuckle forms, including multiple knuckles, without stress to the tool components. This promotes extended tool life, eliminating premature tool wear and the need for tool maintenance.

Tool operation is simple. Knuckles are formed from a pre-punched flat sheet using two tools in three hits as follows:

* Hit one, Tool 1 produces the radius at the end of the knuckle.

* Hit two, Tool 1 produces the radius at the beginning of the knuckle.

* Hit three, Tool 2 curls the form to complete the knuckle.

Hinges can be formed in mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel in thicknesses ranging from 0.80mm to 1.50mm) incorporating pin diameters from 1.60mm to 4.77mm).

In addition to electronic cabinetry, Mate Hinge Tooling is suitable for fabricating hinges on appliance, heating, air conditioning, stove, cooker and similar components.

Mate's Hinge Tooling is made from long life tool steel employing advanced electro-discharge machining (EDM) and hard milling techniques.

This allows the tool geometry, required to produce the form, to be machined directly onto the solid hardened tool blank with high precision.

Easy to install, Mate Hinge Tooling provides high piece part quality with complete reliability of operation.

Mate Hinge Tooling is available for most model punch presses including Amada, Euromac, Finn-Power, Murata Wiedemann, Trumpf and all thick turret machines.

Mate's custom engineering team provides a free evaluation of each hinge tool application as part of its quotation process.

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