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article image Gasparini CO and COS LT shears.

ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies has released the entire range of Gasparini CO series and COS LT series shears.

Models in the CO Series are supplied with a control panel that includes the Delem DAC 150 electronic positioner for adjustable cutting length and rake angle. Blade gap is adjusted manually for all machines with a shearing capacity up to 8mm, while from the 10mm series the blade gap is motorised.

In all machines the blade carrier arm has been replaced by a heavy-duty blade carrier beam running perfectly in axis with the cylinders for precise cutting and increased lifespan of cylinders.

The back gauge is mounted directly to the machine structure to eliminate stress and vibrations during shearing operations. The Gasparini COS LT Series has shearing lines for automatic and semi-automatic sheet cutting, self programming and format batch management.

Angle shearing centres allow batch management, nesting, shearing planning, material handling and flexible station upstream and downstream interconnection. On all Gasparini shears, the user has an option for double movement sheet support, while a disappearing back gauge allows the unhindered passage of larger sized sheets.

An optional scrap box is available with side or rear outlet. Blade gap adjustment is normally manual, but this feature is easily motorised on request. A squaring arm is a standard feature, a ball bench is installed for sheet handling, and a protractor application is available for oblique cuts.

The lifting system, which has a front guard, can either be manual or with an optional pneumatic version. Fitted below the bottom blade is an anti-twist device with cylinders for holding the sheet against the top blade. Hold-down cylinders have an automatic pressure adjustment proportional to the cutting force.

The standard control panel with DAC 150 positioner includes automated cutting depth, manual cutting angle, manual cutting length and manual blade gap. The control panel with DAC 250 programmer includes automated cutting depth and auxiliary functions, combined with manual cutting angle, cutting length and blade gap. The control panel with DAC 350 programmer automates cutting angle, cutting depth, cutting length, blade gap and auxiliary functions.

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