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article image Repositioning system hops in loops instead of straight lines.

FINN-Power, represented in Australia by Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies , has released the 4kW L6 laser cutting centre. It uses a flying optics laser for maximum speeds, even in small notches or narrow contours.

The flying optics/moving beam system is driven by a linear drive motor system. High speed and acceleration are possible due to low friction and a frame construction that eliminates technical problems normally associated with linear drives. These problems include the risk of contamination and heat generation.

The rigid frame design withstands all the forces of high-speed positioning and provides a solid base for stable beam delivery optics. The Ping Pong repositioning system hops in loops instead of straight lines to allow smooth and fast transitions and increased productivity.

The system offers efficient dc excitation, integrated laser power measurement, oil-free gas circulation and a gas pump, low energy consumption and an extended maintenance interval.

A transmissive telescope optic has been replaced by an adaptive optic and a new exhaust system filters for up to 25,000 hours life time. The flying optics/moving-beam system has a working area of 3000mm X axis, 1500mm Y axis and 100mm Z axis. Positioning of the shuttle tables is possible on two sides of the machine.

The operator is protected against moveable machine parts, the laser beam and deflected laser beams as well as metal splatter. The productivity of the cutting system is increased with an automatic shuttle table system because the loading and unloading of the sheet is executed during the cutting operation. The shuttle table automatically moves the cut sheet into the unloading position and a new sheet on the other table moves into the cutting area. Light beams surround the shuttle table. The complete cover of the L6 allows the operator to access to the shuttle table from any side while the system is running.

The L6 has an integrated database for storing laser parameters for various material types. The programmer selects the material type and sheet thickness and the system determines the required parameter for proper part processing. The Windows-based interface ensures that all data is constantly in view on the status screen or shown in graphical form so that process adjustments are possible at all times. All necessary functions for maintenance, set-up and manual operations are integrated.

Focal lens change time has been reduced using a high-pressure cutting head integrated into the system, which provides a constant distance between the material surface and the nozzle to achieve a noncontact, capacitive integrated sensing unit. The cutting head does not have to change when a focal lens change is required. Only a new lens cartridge has to be inserted.

The laser beam delivery system has two external mirrors. The X and Y axes can be moved simultaneously at speeds of up to 300m/min. Accuracy is ±0.025mm and the system can cut mild steel up to 20mm thick, stainless steel up to 12mm thick and aluminium up to 8mm thick.

If the sheet is not correctly positioned, a sheet probing function detects the location of the sheet on the machine, calculates the angle to rotate the nesting, calculates the zero point of the sheet and checks the size of the sheet. When the probing cycle has ended the machine starts to execute the program.

For the processing of thicker mild steel applying oil mist to the sheet before piercing prevents splatter sticking to the sheet. After piercing the splatter around the piercing area will be blown away by compressed air.

As an option a cost-efficient unmanned operation of the fabrication process is available, including raw sheet storage, loading and unloading. It also allows manual handling where more appropriate. Sheet and component handling is performed by suction cup grippers equipped with automatic settings for alternative sizes of raw sheet.

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