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Finn-Power’s Machine Tools available from Maxitec

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article image Steel Football made using Finn-Power E6

Maxitec  is the exclusive distributor of Finn-Power technology in Australia and New Zealand.  

A steel football recently designed and developed by jniusdesign.com has been completely manufactured utilising one of the most advanced sheetmetal fabrication technologies yet developed.  

Rob Stiels, owner of jniusdesign.com and a long time Finn-Power user has extensive creative abilities and experience in designing complex solutions using modern machine tools. He challenged himself to create a steel football at the request from a client.  

Primarily, he took on the task because the concept of making a steel football involved several challenges across a multitude of axes on a turret press and highly accurate forming to eventually make a finished spherical unit.  

It was possible to tackle these challenges using the functionality of Finn-Power's machine tools -- in this instance, the Finn-Power E6.  

The E6 is an emerging breed of servo electric technologies developed by Finn-Power to give unprecedented speed and forming accuracy in sheetmetal fabrication.  

Without the advent of servo electric technology, something as complex as a multi panel football made to a one-to-one scale would be almost impossible.  

Programming and machine controls on the Finn-Power E6 machine tools are so advanced to allow the production of intricate forms and part programs.  

One of the functional challenges Mr Stiels faced was to ensure that each component in the ball could be fastened by hand. The resulting joint is mechanical with no additional materials used.  

This football comprises 12 pentagonal and 20 hexagonal pieces. The radius across the ball's largest plane is 30cm.  

Maxitec believes a Finn-Power servo electric turret punch such as the E6 is the only machine in the world that can meet this challenge.  

This compact, high-performance servo electric turret punch press with fully automated material handling capabilities arm sheetmetal fabricators with a multi-purpose machine for bending, forming, tapping and marking.  

Key features of the Finn-Power E6 servo electric turret punch press include:

  • 20 - 30 ton punching force with fully programmable punching and upforming stroke (NC-axis)
  • Low electric connection (connection power is 15kVA), consumption (average power consumption of 5kW) and maintenance costs for economic operation
  • Extremely compact size and small footprint make it easy to install in every facility
  • Suitable for small fabrication shops introducing some level of automation
  • Can be easily operated in manual mode just like any conventional turret press
  • Ease of manual loading is greatly enhanced by the availability of 4 positioning pins ensuring optimal operator ergonomics
  • Unloading of processed components is semi-automatic: the machine places the components in a freely programmable position on the table


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