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Finn Power’s FastBend available from Maxitec

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FastBend from Finn Power has turned manual handling, trial and error and materials wastage into a hands-free, instant turnaround of accurately bent components. FastBend, available from Maxitec , is suitable for prototyping, eliminates human involvement and ensures a myriad of small batch runs becomes profitable.

Everything is automated through software, particularly the issue of tool changing and setting. The elimination of operator involvement is beneficial for OH&S.

Maxitec have put FastBend through a bending assignment, involving five parts each of which embodied various folds including hemming and radius bends through the machine in less than 10 minutes. According to Finn Power, FastBend fills the void between press brakes and the fully automated panel folding machines.

FastBend comes with a servo electric motor (with air cooling) and low maintenance costs. It is not influenced by thermal conditions and has better component quality. An easy programmability allows fast production, independent operation and contains an auto learning programme. There is also a reduced factory impact including lower tooling cost, favourable energy-saving, minimum noise and vibrations, compact layout and easy installation without requiring any foundation. FastBend is suitable for small quantity runs and urgent prototype requests.

At the start of a job sequence, scanning a component barcode initiates the following sequence of events:

  • The bending programme is loaded into memory and set as the active job
  • The tooling consideration is read by the machine and the tool is automatically set accordingly
  • Part locating pins are set ready to reference the part

The only operator skill required is the ability to use the barcode scanner and position the work piece on reference pins. FastBend does not need manual intervention and can be placed against a wall in confined spaces as operators only need to access it from the front. It uses 6kW of power on an average daily duty cycle.

FastBend capabilities include positive/negative inversion, smashing and radius bend and other typical profiles. Loading, rotation and unloading are only manual.

FastBend results in fast production and elimination of human error. With options such as ATC (automatic tool change) and barcode reader, the machine makes setup automatic and activates a new part programme.

Clear and logical screen instructions further speed up operation and support fast self-learning.
FastBend is easy to install. Average energy consumption is similar to a press brake and with its compact layout the machine offers a reduced impact on the manufacturing environment.

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