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Finn-Power FBe FastBend automatic bending machine available from Maxitec

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article image The FBe FastBend automatic bending machine

Maxitec  have brought to Australia and New Zealand a bending machine, which utilises barcode technology to speed production and efficiently process small batches of the most complex parts. The Finn-Power FBe FastBend, introduced at the recent Euroblech manufacturing show in Germany, provides complete automation of bending.

According to Andrew Bentrup, Sales and Marketing Director, Maxitec, the FBe FastBend is expected to provide unmatched bending capabilities without a manipulator. As no manipulator is required, any user of this machine can perform bends on small parts and is a lot more usable for a greater variety of parts.

All bending is done automatically, activated by job information contained within a barcode, which can be either on the job sheet or on the part itself. No tool setup is required and hence the speed and efficiency gained at this step as well as in the production is a new technological progression for the manufacturing industry.

The FBe FastBend bending machine is an automation solution focusing on set-up efficiency for faster job execution. The FBe FastBend bending machine replaces general press brake technology with automation allowing more bends for each side in an automatic sequence, without any manual intervention.

The FBe FastBend bending machine can be placed against a wall in confined spaces as operators only need to access it from the front. It uses 6kW of power on an average daily duty cycle. The capabilities of the FBe FastBend bending machine include positive/negative inversion, smashing and radius bend and several other typical profiles; only the loading, rotation and unloading are manual.

The result is bending quality, fast production and elimination of human error. With options such as ATC (automatic tool change) and barcode reader, the FBe FastBend bending machine makes the setup automatic and activates a new part programme. Clear and logical screen instructions facilitate speed up operation and support fast self-learning.

The FBe FastBend bending machine requires no foundation and is easy to install. Average energy consumption is similar to a press brake, and with its compact layout the machine offers a reduced impact on the manufacturing environment.

For optimum product quality, two bending principles are available which includes:

  • In the Circular mode the contact point on the panel remains the same, while the one of the blade changes during the bending movement
  • In the Rolling mode there is a wider contact surface between the blade and the sheet, but no relative friction

The benefits of servo electric technology include low energy and maintenance costs and a reduced impact on manufacturing environment (minimum noise and vibrations). The FBe FastBend bending machine is not influenced by thermal conditions and has good component quality. Maximum bending length is either 2,150mm or 2,550mm. The FBe FastBend bending machine can bend steel material up to 3.5mm in thickness.

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