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Fast tool changes and set up times

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HIGH traversing speeds and very fast tool change times are two of the many aspects of Finn-Power LP hydraulic/electric punching technology available to the sheet metal industry.

With businesses forced to look for greater productivity in response to market pressures, several key options have been developed to suit various requirements:

* The hydraulic Laser Brilliance uses Finn-Power's F Series ram force of 300kN hydraulic punching technology with 3.5kW of industrial laser cutting capacity.

* Also hydraulically operated is the 300kN, 2.6kW laser capacity LP6, and

* The electric powered LPE5 is a 230kN unit also with a 2.6kW laser.

Able to deal with maximum sheet sizes to 4061mm x 1528mm, travelling speeds on all models exceeds 100m/min (220m/min in the case of Laser Brilliance), combined with nibbling speeds of more than 1000hpm.

With tool choices laid out in a turret system, changing of tools is at a highly efficient rate of one to three seconds, depending on the application.

According to the Ingo Bentrup managing director of Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies , the product's distributor in Australia and New Zealand, maximum use is gained from blanks (sheets of raw material) because Finn-PoweR's patented programmable clamp setting option allows individually programmable movement of all three clamps.

"These essentially remove what the industry recognises as 'dead zones'," said Mr Bentrup.

"Even in traditional forming, another type of dead zone can occur when the tool stations close to a forming tool are required to be left empty to protect the material from surface marks and deformations.

"But Finn-Power LP and LB machines completely avoid this potential problem to fully utilise the surface area of expensive blanks.

"The basis for the high quality of component output is due to the excellent positioning accuracy of Finn-Power, as each machine is tested and certified according to LKP 7300 factory standard."

A customised turret layout has 20 or 30 tool stations. The total number of Index, Multi-Tool and other 89mm stations can be up to 10 or 15.

Virtually any leading styles of tooling can be used, and more than 100 tools can be made available using the Multi-Tool system on the LP machines, while the LB allows more than 200.

Robust 'O' type LP/LB frame ensures a fully vertical stroke and thus a very long tool life. Adding to the economic performance of LP/LB units is the fact that tool shortening, due to sharpening, can be easily compensated by programming.

Mechanical adjustment or shimming is avoided when using the latest tooling styles from leading suppliers.

Various aspects of the LP/LB are highly programmable. Stroke depth can be set for high punching speed which allows accurate forming of knockouts.

Unproductive punch travel can be eliminated and punching speed increased because stroke length can be programmed according to sheet thickness.

Ram speed programmability allows an optimisation of the punching stroke according to part programme, sheet material, tool size, etc.

Unlike conventional forming - where the top of the die often exceed table level in height to prevent freedom of movement for the sheet - Finn-Power's solution allows forming heights up to 16mm.

Sheet movement is not affected as forms are made by the die moving upwards toward the punch and then retracting.

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