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Fast cornering without welding

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article image Corner forming in sheet metal.

CORNER forming machines now available in Australia and New Zealand are improving the quality of this process during panel fabrication while cutting down the time factor by eliminating dependence on welding and grinding.

ACF Cornerformer-Multiplex (for job shops) works as a moveable tooling system that allows individual and quick forming of closed corners regardless of how frequently the requirements may change.

ACF Cornerformer-Variform (for mass production) has a custom made 'fix-tooling' design to allow high volume panel production through fast corner cycle time.

These multi-purpose panel fabricators, available from Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies , have been used to form corners on doors for electrical cabinets, claddings, panels, box covers, trays, container covers, lids, cooking trays, ceilings, oven doors, suitcase covers, furniture, pizza oven doors, and similar parts.

Each of the units allows individual sheet metal panel fabrication in most material types, material thicknesses and bend heights of the panel, and there is no panel size limitation.

Time savings are enormous, finish quality is totally consistent and of extremely high standard, there is no dirt, noise is minimal, and cost savings are gained through elimination of welding and its consumables as well as abrasives, and there is only one operator required to run a Cornerformer machine.

After corner forming zinc coated mild steel, no manual touch up of the zinc coating in the corner area is necessary.

On mild steel used for fired enamel, the cold formed corner is constant and resistant against high temperature (higher than 960°C).

After corner forming stainless steel, there is no colour change on the material surface and therefore no pickling of the corner is required.

A voluminous working table holds large panel dimensions, a Siemens S-7 control system runs the machine, and operators are ensured absolute safety as the Cornerformers are fully covered and footswitch operated.

Forming corners using the conventional methods of welding, grinding and finishing takes approximately 160 seconds for mild steel, 260 seconds for aluminium, and 280 seconds for stainless steel.

Cornerformer-Variform and Multiplex perform the functions in approximately 40 seconds and 60 seconds respectively.

Excellent quality of finished product is achieved in a three-step process:

1. Bends on a press brake are made as usual, then in the corner areas the rectangular blank is formed up by two special bottom V-die segments to prepare the area for the corner forming process.

2. On Multiplex, cold forming of closed corners is then achieved through a universal tooling that allows corner forming without any hindrance from material type, material thickness and bend height of flange. On Variform, Fix-tooling allows corner forming for mass production.

3. After cold forming, the surplus material is sheared off in accordance with bend height of the panel.

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