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Fast changeover of press brake tooling

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article image Quick change tooling snaps in and out of the upper ram.

FAST changeover of press brake tooling is possible with the WILA Modufix, distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies .

Operating with 'the button' - a quick change tooling that snaps in and out of the upper ram - the system works with WILA's hydraulic clamping arrangement to provide extremely fast changeovers.

This tool clamping system automatically seats, aligns and centres tooling segments in the precision ground tool holder for high bending accuracy.

WILA tooling is manufactured to such high precision that the bending line will remain totally linear even if some of the tooling segments are reversed in the ram.

Modufix tooling segments and tool holders are CNC ground to a tolerance of ±0.01mm using a special chrome molybdenum alloy for a combination of rigidity and stress absorption.

Then the bending surface of each tool is laser hardened to approximately 60HRC - a very advanced hardness value. WILA tools are made from custom alloys to further ensure a long lifespan of the product.

Tooling changeovers are at least 75% faster than with conventional tooling changeovers. To remove, the hydraulic clamping system is simply switched off and buttons pressed on the individual tooling segments to remove them from the upper ram.

Then, tooling segments needed for the next job are inserted and the hydraulic clamp activated and bending starts.

WILA tooling and accessories can be retrofitted to any major brand press brake to add new life to an existing machine.

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