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Entry level servo electric punching machine

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article image Finn Power E5x servo-elec punch

Sheetmetal machinery specialist, Maxitec has given smaller fabricators in the Australia and New Zealand markets an excellent opportunity to invest in servo electric technology while reducing its energy costs.

In the new Finn Power E5x, servo electric punching has been re-introduced at an entry level price.

Managing Director of Maxitec, Mr Andrew Bentrup, says the Finn Power E5x has a lot of functions and features that are traditionally found on much larger, top end capacity Finn Power machines.

Finn-Power E5x is a breakthrough development from Finn Power which is always looking for ways to bring small and medium-sized fabricators into the other end of the automation sector," said Mr Ben Trump.

“This unit in particular is for companies with limited budgets looking for a standalone punching machine with the added advantage of moving towards servo electric technology.

"Finn Power was the first to introduce Servo electric technology into sheetmetal machinery and the development of this unit represents advancement from traditional hydraulic systems which often require a little more servicing.

"But with the E5x, ongoing service and maintenance is reduced dramatically as there are no oil leaks and associated maintenance to contend with when the machine begins to age much further down the track.

“Another major benefit of servo electric technology is that it works for the future because during the braking process it creates its own energy and feeds it back into the machine.

“Therefore, even during peak operation it offsets its own energy costs, an attribute that is destined to be seen favourably by governments keen to encourage and reward smarter energy management.

“Down the track, there will be ways to measure how much energy is put back into the grid by the Finn-Power EX5 and this can be used to offset energy bills.

“With the Australian Federal government currently encouraging our companies with an investment allowance of 50% over the next three years, the timing of this groundbreaking technology for small and medium sized fabricators could not have been timed better.

Finn-Power EX5 has a 1250mm x 2500 working area without repositioning, therefore providing more accuracy and productivity.

Servo electric punching facilitates programmable punch modes, stepless adjustment of speed and position, accurate forming; plus it provides low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

The punch actuation system on the E5x has:

• single water cooled servo motor
• ball screw for linear movement
• pneumatic ram return movement
• Pull movement for stroke-less wearing for the mechanics
• fast punching speed, fully adjustable in both directions
• position above the sheet fully adjustable open (S-value)
• position under the sheet fully adjustable (P-value)
• one-sided wedge system, high static force informing
• low tonnage load for mechanics
• 17 or 23 ton punching force available
• closed-circuit water cooling – prepared for high ambient temperatures

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