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Control Link Tool technology available from Maxitec

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article image Control Link allows easy creation of all the tools outside the turret (the tool crib)

With the introduction of Control Link, seamless electronic management of the tools in Finn-Power turret punch presses has become simpler with a user-friendly Windows interface to replace the now outdated whiteboard.

Available in Australia through Maxitec , the technology allows easy creation of all the tools outside the turret (the tool crib), the tool data can be imported directly from the NC Express programming software.

This is accomplished by using the TOOLIB.MDB and TURET.TUR files from NC Express.

Different turret layouts can also be set up if there is more than one turret load in NC Express. This saves considerable time from manual data entry in Control Link. The import tool data menu button also allows the importing of only new tools once the tool library is established again from NC Express.

The electronic whiteboard works in conjunction with the NC file generated from the programming system (NC Express).

Tools used in a programme are output in a standard format into the programme header of the NC file. This information is then compared to the electronic whiteboard when programmes are being queued in the automated programme transfer software Power Link.

If the tool name, die clearance, station number, load angle, or station type (Ai, AiF, etc) in the programme does not match, an alarm in pink is instantly displayed to highlight the problem.

The electronic whiteboard exactly mirrors the physical turret with information entered by the operators as they change the tools.

When notified, the operator can physically change the tool to match the programme or the software will allow the operator to change the programme automatically to the tool station number. It does this to match the turret if the tool exists in another station in the electronic whiteboard.

This is especially useful when several programmes are being queued together. When used in conjunction with commonly-saved turret loads in the NC Express, extensively reduced setup times can be achieved when running multiple jobs.

Once all the tool data has been entered into the electronic turret whiteboard, that data is instantly available in the turret tool control window in Control Link.

This window allows operators to set all tool depths and speeds along with special tool setup information in the comments screen; such as H1 values for DEEP_DRAW(*) and mechanical tool lengths for BOTTOM_STROKE(*) and UPFORMING modes.

This screen also allows the tool type setting for special tools such as wheel and high-form tools, making sure when using auxiliary functions such as the shear, laser, and tapping heads that these tool stations are not active under the ram.

This avoids the problem of the clamps passing over high form tools when using auxiliary functions preventing damage to the clamp and high die.

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